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Default JackPK vs The Omskivar: Round 3

The story continues…

“So you’re not worried about property damage at all, is what you’re saying.” I shake my head in frustration.

“Nah!” Jack waves his hand dismissively. “We’ve got League insurance.”

“Right, but – “

“Relax! We do this all the time. They cover everything. Seriously, we wrecked Atlantis once and they paid for that.”

“Fine then. But I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Reluctantly, I wave my flag to signal the start of the round. “Round three, begin! And do watch the eggs this time, will you?”

ROUND 3: Screaming!


Luke ♂ <Fur Coat> black-sludge
STATUS: His face is bruised, his muscles are acting up, and his fur reeks of poisonous sludge…
Paralyzed (25% risk of failure, reduced Speed). Has Fur Coat and some Black Sludge.

Hyper Voice ~ Protect ~ Hyper Voice


Tickle ♀ <Telepathy>
STATUS: Reading the Weakness Policy. The letters are almost too small to make out, but at the top, it says “Turn your weakness into strongness!”
Has Telepathy and a Weakness Policy.

Mimic (Bounce) / Work Up ~ Dynamic Punch / Mimic (Bounce) / Work Up ~ Dazzling Gleam / Dynamic Punch / Work Up

Arena Status:
A faint breeze blows through the storeroom…


With her newfound telepathic powers, Tickle reaches out and tries to read Luke’s thoughts. It turns out to be harder than anticipated. His Dark mind is swirling with mischief and misdirection, making it difficult to pry into. Still, she manages to snap up a tidbit of information – specifically, how Luke performs that tricky Bounce of his. The knowledge transfers into her mind instantly; she flexes her legs, confident that she could imitate the attack.

Meanwhile, Luke wobbles on unsteady knees, doing his best to keep his balance. The spasms are coming slower now, and for a moment he feels almost relaxed – he decides to seize the opportunity and attack before his body twitches again. He screams as loud as he can, sending yet another shockwave of sound rippling through the aisle. Tickle clasps her hands over her ears and braces herself against the floor, but the dreadful wail pierces into her head anyway.

The scream is loud enough that it rattles the shelves and all the eggs on them. But it isn’t just the sound – the eggs are shaking vigorously of their own accord now, as if they could bounce off the shelf any minute. When the last echo finally dies out, I turn to Jack and yell, “God, will you stop doing that?”

He seems startled by my outburst. “I’m not breaking the rules, am I?” he says.

“Well… well, no!” I cross my arms. “But you and Banshee over there better take it easy or we’ll be in so much trouble.”

“I’m sure we’re already in trouble!” the Omskivar chimes in cheerfully.

I sigh and return my attention to the battle.

Tickle uncovers her ears and starts marching toward Luke, fists raised. Luke, out of breath and vulnerable, hastily conjures a protective barrier around himself and curls up inside it. She shrugs and instead punches the air for a bit, loosening her muscles and getting herself warmed up while she waits him out.

Finally, Luke grows too tired to maintain the shield – it flickers and disappears in a flash. Tickle smirks. She tenses her body and frizzles up her fur, and soon her whole body is shining impossibly bright, flooding the room with burning fairylight. Luke can do nothing but close his eyes and whimper in pain as the light stings and eats into his skin.

When it finally fades, Luke opens his eyes and slowly gets on his feet. Every part of his body is stiff and aching, but by sheer willpower he manages to steady himself and face Tickle. He draws a lungful of air and, struggling to keep his muscles under control, unleashes one last scream. The horrible screech rips into Tickle’s skull – her eardrums feel like they’re about to burst...!

Eggs Hatching!

The sound has barely died down before a small, purplish egg bursts open, and a little Kangaskhan baby crawls out, blinking and mewling. Upon catching sight of Luke, it perks up, and totters over to him on its hind legs. “Mama!” it squeaks, and hugs his leg.

“What? I’m not your mama!” says Luke. But the baby refuses to let go, despite his nudging; it clings to his leg like a barnacle and rubs its face in his fluffy fur.

Suddenly, there’s a loud crack behind us – a metal blade pokes out from one of the eggs and splits it open from inside. A young Pawniard emerges and climbs down from the shelf, bits of eggshell still clinging to its hide. It approaches Tickle with firm strides, pointing its blade at her, and Tickle becomes aware of something changing inside her; her telepathic sixth sense dulls and fades away, leaving her mind quiet and still again. Instead, something else stirs in her. Her heart fills with righteous anger – no, with defiance – and somehow she feels more determined than ever to win this battle. She looks the Pawniard in the eye and nods, as if to acknowledge it, as if to say: You have given me the gift of a warrior’s heart, and for that, I thank you.

In response, the Pawniard slashes her Weakness Policy in half, shoves a berry in her face, and runs away cackling.

Meanwhile, the baby Kangaskhan has caught a whiff of the Black Sludge tangled in Luke’s fur. It sniffs the sludge with a grimace, then starts pulling handfuls of it out, tossing clumps of slime-covered fur on the floor. Luke winces with each tug, but soon most of the sludge – along with his Fur Coat – is gone, and his skin stops itching almost immediately.

“Man, that feels a lot better,” says Luke. He gives the baby a little pat on the head. “You’re alright, kid.”

“Mama!” squeals the baby. It holds its hands out and presents Luke with a small green berry, gesturing for him to take it.

“Thanks,” Luke says with a strained smile, “but maybe you should… maybe you should hold on to that for now. Green is really not my favorite flavor.”

The baby nods and clenches the berry to its chest, awaiting mama’s next move.


End of ROUND 3.


Luke ♂ <Parental Bond> micle-berry
STATUS: His body aches, and the spasms still haven’t gone away, but he has to admit that the baby cheers him up.
Paralyzed (19% risk of failure, reduced Speed). Has Parental Bond and a Micle Berry.

Hyper Voice ~ Protect ~ Hyper Voice


Tickle ♀ <Defiant> cheri-berry
STATUS: Her telepathy is gone. Now the only thing on her mind is victory.
+1 Attack, +1 Special Attack. Knows Bounce. Has Defiant and a Cheri Berry.

Mimic (Bounce) ~ Work Up ~ Dazzling Gleam

Arena Status:
All of the eggs are shaking noticeably now, and the combined effect is that of a low rumbling murmur throughout the room.


Dazzling Gleam: -16% (base damage 8%, gets STAB, +1 Sp. Atk, super effective)
Black Sludge: -3%
Hyper Voice 1: -9% (base damage 9%)
Hyper Voice 2: -9% (base damage 9%)
Hyper Voice 1: -5% (base cost 4.5%)
Protect: -2% (base cost 2%)
Hyper Voice 2: -5% (base cost 4.5%)
Mimic: -1% (base cost 1%)
Work Up: -2% (base cost 2%)
Dazzling Gleam: -3% (base cost 4%, gets STAB)
Hyper Voice 1 (paralysis check): Rolled 50/100, needed above 13. Success!
Hyper Voice 1 (critical hit): Rolled 6/10, needed 10. Failure…
Protect (paralysis check): Rolled 39/100, needed above 12. Success!
Dazzling Gleam (critical hit): Rolled 1/10, needed 10. Failure…
Hyper Voice 2 (paralysis check): Rolled 82/100, needed above 11. Success!
Hyper Voice 2 (critical hit): Rolled 3/10, needed 10. Failure…

Other Notes:
  • The following abilities will not randomly appear in future rounds: Sweet Veil, Magnet Pull, Fur Coat, Telepathy, Parental Bond, Defiant.
  • The following items will not randomly appear in future rounds: Rindo Berry, Moon Stone, Black Sludge, Weakness Policy, Micle Berry, Cheri Berry.
  • Paralysis failure chance is cut in half for moves that don’t require much movement.
  • JackPK commands first next round.
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