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Default Re: [15] Lord of the Fireflies vs Vipera Magnifica (ref: Keldeo)

Good work, Melia, that's a great way to start the battle. Let's keep up the pressure as we use Signal Beam three times. If Rose has clones, or she is protecting or unhittable, then summon some Hail. If you don't successfully use Signal Beam during an action, or you use Hail, then use a single-action Giga Impact on the next one. If you can't use Signal Beam (due to Torment, etc.) but you still have a clear shot at attacking, then use Giga Impact. However, do not use Giga Impact if Rose has clones or a substitute, or you have already used Giga Impact this round.

Signal Beam / Hail / Giga Impact (single action) x3

EDIT: Rose hit the damage cap, so she should actually have 65% health.
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