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Default Re: [15] Lord of the Fireflies vs Vipera Magnifica (ref: Keldeo)

Begin with using Me First on the Signal Beam, while floating away from the bridge, but still close enough that Melia can try an Giga Impact you. Then Imprison it while still floating away but remaining in a ambiguously close spot. That way, when Melia will try to charge at you on the second action, you'll be able to float to the side and she'll be stuck in the mud below the bridge.

Now, there are chances that plan will not work. If, on the second action, she decides you're too far away for Giga Impact and uses Hail, you'll use a one-action Hyperbeam. If she tries a Giga Impact and falls in the mud, chances are she'll have a harder time evading, so we'll try our luck with another Zap Cannon.

Me First (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Imprison (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Hyperbeam / Zap Cannon
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