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Default Re: [15] Lord of the Fireflies vs Vipera Magnifica (ref: Keldeo)

Lord of the Fireflies (Oo)
Rose Spookheart (f) <Levitate> @ Wise Glasses
Health: 65% (capped)
Energy: 80%
Currently: Trying to keep her cool. She must not let down the SPOOKHEART LINEAGE!
Commands: Me First (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Imprison (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Hyper Beam (one action) / Zap Cannon

Vipera Magnifica (Oo)
Melia (f) <Snow Cloak> @ Bright Powder (4 exp)
Health: 85%
Energy: 77%
Currently: Why are you surprised? Winter comes for all. 1/3 Normal moves used.
Commands: Signal Beam / Hail / Giga Impact (single action) x3

Field Notes
-Movement order: Rose Spookheart (105) > Melia (65).
-There's a quickly-diminishing puddle of water next to Melia, dripping through the slats in the bridge.

Round 2

Melia tosses her head, smirking, as her opponent scowls. What, she wants an encore? When the referee lowers her flags, the Glaceon shifts back into an offensive stance, lowering her head, and begins to charge up another Signal Beam. A sphere of multicolored aura bursts into the air in front of her, swirling with streams of red and blue, and begins to bulge and distort as Melia feeds more and more energy into it. The Glaceon's mouth twitches suddenly as she realizes the process is taking much longer than usual, but when she glances up at her opponent her face twists into an angry glare when she sees the identical ball building up in front of the Mismagius, made of energy siphoned in translucent streams from her own attack.

Cloak fluttering about as if caught in a wild wind, Rose Spookheart cackles, tosses her head back, and releases the sphere in a spiraling arc towards her opponent. Melia curses mentally, shoots her own bobbing orb straight at the Mismagius, and dives for the end of the wooden plank she's on in an attempt to redirect the homing beam off the bridge—but she stops short at the last moment, leaping precariously from plank to plank as she tries to divert Rose's attack to one of the ropes. But even though the Mismagius starts to howl as the energy of Melia's attacks burns holes through her body, her attack still curves fluidly around the cords holding the bridge together and zooms forward to strike Melia in the ear. The Glaceon shrieks and nearly slips off the bridge in surprise and pain, but she manages to keep her grip on the edge and scrabble back up with some effort.

Once she's on suitably solid footing, Melia chances a look at her opponent, who's floating a little away from the bridge, but a wave of nausea sweeps over her. The Glaceon's vision fills with a bright pink light and she has to fight the feeling that the planks are lurching under her and she's losing her balance. It takes her longer than she'd like to blink her eyes to clarity and shake the vertigo off, and even when her sight's back to normal, her thoughts still seem slow and foggy. Alarmed by the sudden shift and suspicious that Rose might be to blame, Melia tries a few quick mental exercises, thinking first back to her commands—Signal Beam, Hail, or Giga Impact, that's fine. Next she tries recalling the last round: they started the battle, and Rose moved first, using… using something to lift her into the air? She remembers perfectly well that she was on the bridge to start, and she knows she made a Substitute while she was in the air, but the time between is just vague fuzz.

Melia bites her lip, slightly worried at her lack of recall, but she's also sure now that her opponent's done something to mess with her head. She's been in two battles already and spectated a bunch more, she shouldn't be having trouble thinking of what attacks her opponent's using! The Glaceon quickly runs through the rest of the first round and hazards a guess that what Rose has pulled on her only works on what the Mismagius herself has done, since her attacks, but she's still a little doubtful. Mostly to reassure herself that she still can, Melia starts to charge up another attack, gathering power for a few seconds before launching a flashing burst of twirling red-blue-green energy streamers at her opponent.

Too shocked to move before the attack hits her, Rose shrieks again as the beam burns two precise holes through her cloak, one of them perilously close to the center bead in her necklace. She patches up her newest ectoplasm wounds and then gawks at the Glaceon: how is Melia, a non-Psychic and non-member of the SPOOKHEART LINEAGE, still using that beam thing? She's used up her second cousin's debt to that hoity-toity imp, Rison, too; it definitely didn't seem pleased to be pulled away from its hoity-toity imp social function, or whatever she'd pulled it away from. The Mismagius frowns, floats away from the bridge a little more, and puzzles through her commands—if Melia can still hit her with that beam thing she probably won't go for a reckless tackle on the last action, so using Zap Cannon probably won't be a good idea. But then again, that beam thing also means she won't try to start a hailstorm… probably.

Rose presses her lips together, adjusts her glasses, and then decides to wait in place for her opponent's next move, not really sure of what to expect. Melia looks proud if still a little confused, tossing her ears again as she collects a sphere of brightly pulsing energy; Rose cranes her neck and floats a little closer, trying to tell if it's the telltale light blue of a Hail attack or if it's changing color like a Signal Beam would, but it's too bright to make out anything but off-white. The Glaceon shouts something unintelligible and launches the ball straight up into the air, and Rose turns her head to follow the attack's blinding trail until it's a dot in the sky. Perfect, she thinks, confident that her opponent's defaulted to a Hail, and begins to charge up a beam attack of her own—but, the Mismagius registers a little after the fact, none of the dark clouds or ominously chilly air of an actual storm seem to be happening. Have her SPOOKHEART LINEAGE super-senses failed her after all?! Rose peers up at the sky-dot again and realizes that it's now flashing blue-and-red like a helicopter would, and also falling towards her.

Oh, and of course Melia chooses now to be flashy. Well, whatever, thinks Rose—another Zap Cannon'd probably miss anyway—and releases her attack. A ray of brilliant golden light spears across the gap between the Mismagius and her opponent, like the beam from an extremely large heavy-duty flashlight, along with simultaneous smaller beams from the rims of Rose's glasses. Melia's eyes widen and then squeeze shut to block out the light, but the Glaceon stands her ground even as the the light attack scorches her fur and throws her backwards into the air. Melia hits the bridge with a thump, Rose triumphs in her momentary victory, and the Signal Beam spirals downwards to impact the top of her head in a burst of Bug energy and gross stringy bits of ectoplasm and hat. As the round ends, Melia wrinkles her nose in mock distaste as said bits rain down from the point of impact, while Rose scowls and starts to knit her hat back together.

Lord of the Fireflies (Oo)
Rose Spookheart (f) <Levitate> @ Wise Glasses
Health: 30% (capped)
Energy: 56%
Currently: Going to kill Psychic Inver once all this is over, in a nice and non-murderous way. 1/3 Normal moves used.
Used: Me First (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Imprison (Signal Beam) + float away ~ Hyper Beam (one action)

Vipera Magnifica (Oo)
Melia (f) <Snow Cloak> @ Bright Powder (4 exp)
Health: 55%
Energy: 65%
Currently: Going to profusely thank Psychic Inver once all this is over, though she isn't letting anyone see it. 1/3 Normal moves used. Me First, Telekinesis, and Zap Cannon disabled (7 actions remaining.)
Used: Signal Beam x3

Field Notes
-Movement order: Rose Spookheart (105) > Melia (65).
-There's a damp spot on the bridge next to Melia.
-A few small bits of ectoplasm are scattered about the edge of the bridge nearest Rose, most around the size of small raindrops. Others are stuck to the rope railing, while most have fallen to the swamp below.

Action Notes
-I'm really, really sorry for how late this is! Again, feel free to contact MF for an e-ref.
-According to this ruling, Imprison only seals away the base move, not the one that was called, so Signal Beam wasn't disabled.
-Rose wasn't very sure of what to do on the last action, because neither of the moves' conditions were fulfilled, but she reasoned that Zap Cannon's conditions were more unfulfilled because her opponent wasn't stuck in the mud, so she used a one-action Hyper Beam.

Rose Spookheart: 65 - 12 (Signal Beam) - 12 (Signal Beam) - 12 (Signal Beam) = 30 (capped)
80 - 7 (Me First [Signal Beam]) - 5 (Imprison) - 12 (Hyper Beam) = 56
Melia: 85 - 13 (Me First [Signal Beam]) - 17 (Hyper Beam) = 55
77 - 4 (Signal Beam) - 4 (Signal Beam) - 4 (Signal Beam) = 65

LotF commands next.
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