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Default Does anyone remember me? Wanna reconnect with peeps

YOOOO it's Mewtwo back from like forever ago, I've been going on a nostalgia trip and I wanna see if anyone remembers me??? I'm like 20 now, i remember joining this site back when I was like 10 and I miss the people I used to be close with, I'd love to meet new people also but I miss the peeps like kai I used to talk to a lot,

For new people, I'm 20 and an aspiring music artisr/artist in general and I specialize in any craft you can think of, I'm mostly in the pokemon fandom but I like many other anime and stuff, nice to meet you ^^

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Originally Posted by Butterfree View Post
The forum got herpes when I wasn't looking? >:/

I guess it was hooking up with Serebii again. Goddamn it.

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