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Default Re: Does anyone remember me? Wanna reconnect with peeps

Originally Posted by Kung Fu Ferret View Post
*puts tea and cod out* *whistles* *walks away*
I'm so glad they still do this

Originally Posted by Superbird View Post
Well, I can't say I remember you, exactly (sorry) but based on your signature quotes, we were definitely around at the same time. So welcome back!
I actually vaguely remember chatting with you on occasion o:

Originally Posted by Sandstone-Shadow View Post
Oh hey, welcome back! :)

Originally Posted by Flora View Post
YO I DO!!! Welcome back friend!!!!
YOOOO OOO I was reading through my old posts I remember you a lot I'm glad you're still here tbh

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Originally Posted by Butterfree View Post
The forum got herpes when I wasn't looking? >:/

I guess it was hooking up with Serebii again. Goddamn it.

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