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Default Re: ASB Awards Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Eifie View Post
I don't really see why Most Entertaining Battler needs to be renamed... I mean, nobody has a problem with confusing Best Battler and Best Battle. And I guess Most Entertaining Trainer sounds like it could encompass other areas than battling, which is not actually the case.
"Best Battler" and "Best Battle" aren't very mistakeable for each other because, as relatively short titles, the small difference is easy to spot. With a mouthful like "Most Entertaining", though, subtle differences between the words at the end tend to become less visible. It might seem nebulous, but it's definitely an issue (you can take it from the guy who's been typing all those category names over and over).

I get that Most Entertaining Trainer has a bit of an unwanted connotation of "funniest person in general who happens to be a trainer in ASB", but I can't think of a way to emphatize the command-issuing aspect of it without making the name like five big words long (and without ending up with an extremely confusing pair of names). If you can, then, by all means.

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