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Default Re: ASB Awards Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy View Post
I don't really think so, considering we just got a whole new category for battles where the ref work in particular is standout. I've extended the prize to the referee in Most Entertaining Battle because the ref is usually like 90% responsible for making a battle particularly entertaining, but this isn't necessarily the case with Best Battle. In general, awarding the referee in Best Battle when we also have Best Reffed Battle feels like a certain magnitude of double-dipping.
I don't know, I think referees are just as responsible as the battlers for making a great battle great. There doesn't seem to be very much of a difference between the battles nominated for Best Battle and Most Entertaining Battle, because I don't think the community is really active enough to produce the variety of battles that make those two categories distinct. Like, I think most people don't want to participate in Metronome battles because it just means one of their slots will be taken up for ages for a battle that doesn't award their Pokémon any experience, so the biggest example of a battle that would be nominated for Most Entertaining Battle but not Best Battle never really happens.

I would be kind of upset if the Baby Bug Ball Brawl won for Best Battle and Superbird and The Omskivar's contributions to making it happen weren't recognized. But at the same time there are other battles I want to vote for in Most Entertaining and Best Reffed. The Baby Bug Ball Brawl is kind of an all-around best, but there are others that shine in more specific categories.

Like... I could go nominate the refs for the Baby Bug Ball Brawl and my battle of wits with Music Dragon for Best Reffed anyway, because I think the refs did great work and it should be recognized just as much as the battle itself. So there's going to be "double-dipping" anyway.

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