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Default Re: Doctor Who Club

The tribute is up on YouTube at the moment, but I don't know how long it'll stay there.

(SPOILER) I assumed that the Doctor had left the Ponds for some just-gotten-married couple time, or something. It was a bit odd that they didn't mention why, but it kind of makes sense.

As for River WHO KNOWS I have no idea. Obviously they're plastering 'wife' hints all over everything, only it seems like a massive red herring. The stuff that she said about the Doctor falling out of the sky and being all wonderful makes her sound very companion-y, rather than something crazy like his mother or sister or long lost Time Lord enemy person.

Ha, I kind of like that oh-you-saw-the-Doctor-you-knew idea, though I guess it's not really feasible. No doubt Moffat has thought up some equally bizarre way of fixing it. Or I hope so, anyway. I've read a couple of things where people are guessing that Matt is the final Doctor - that he'll do a few series and that'll be it, proper death, the end. I can only assume that the entire DW team wouldn't be keen on cancelling their own show though, so I doubt that's what's happening.

I did have a thought, though - the thing about the Doctor saying he was 1103. It seems a bit strange for them to fastforward 200 years when the whole of the current show has taken one series to equal one year, so maybe he was lying, to draw attention to the age difference and get the others to catch on to the 'I've sent you back to my past self' thing. He could actually be just a year older, which would take them up to the series finale to sort out the dead-Doctor problem.

Also why would you invite your friends to see you shot if you didn't want them to do something.


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