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Okay, let me explain things first.

(SPOILER) One: The 13 Regenerations rule is Time Lord law, not a biological law. And guess who's left of the Time Lords?

Two: The Slendermenalienthings are officially called the Silence. DUN DUN DUN.

Now that that's over, here's my theory.

The Silence have been on Earth before we created our civilization, much like the Pyroviles. Now we never really see the alien in The Lodger, now do we? We only know it wants to leave, and it has a perception filter. The Silence can enter Human bodies to further avoid detection due to the large amount of media "portraying" them, i.e. Little Green Men. (Side note: LGM = Elgyem)

But in the 60s, they were still a force, feared by the populace and not mentioned by the government. They haven't truly been identified due to their ability to be forgotten unless seen, and that's why LGM photos are always off/blurry/otherwise shite, because of this filter.

Now about the girl: IT'S NOT AMY'S CHILD NOR WILL IT BE RIVER OR HER CHILD. Ask yourself: WHY?! She's just a victim of the Astronaut, trapped as hostage. Either that or dead, and her image is being used as a projection to throw its captors away. Also, before anyone says it, there's no Grandfather Paradox with Amy shooting the Astronaut.

Mostly because the Astronaut is impervious to bullets. River unloaded a full revolver on it and nothing happened. What makes you think a badly-aimed shot by someone who's never handled a pistol, much less a snub-nosed revolver do anything? The only reason the Doctor, Amy and the audience reacted is because it showed the girl. We all then assumed that it's the girl and not the impervious spacesuit that was shot.

Also, a gaffe, probably two. River shooting the revolver: no recoil. It either should flick from her wrist or push her shoulder back. Same goes for Amy: an unprepared shot from a snub-nose can rip your hand off.
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