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Originally Posted by Dannichu View Post
Not really related to the episode, but Who-related and sort of funny - my sister has the TARDIS noise as her incoming-text music on her phone, and recieved a text at the exact same time as the TARDIS was arriving in an episode we were watching, so she didn't notice. The Whovian geekiness overwhelms.
That is incredible XD

Originally Posted by Dannichu View Post
Also - what do you guys think will happen with The Sarah Jane Adventures? (if any of you watch that?) Should they continue it under the same name without Lis and Sarah Jane? Create a sequel show where the non-SJ characters continue having alieny adventures? Or just call it a day, accept it won't continue without SJ/Lis Sladen and leave it as it was at the end of S4?
Well, I never watched SJA myself, but I'd like to think that they'll continue it in some form in her memory! Although how they'd explain her sudden disappearance from the show, I don't know...

I'd also love it if they made a n in-canon reference to her death - perhaps in DW if the Doctor were to receive news of her death and pay some kind of tribute? The only problem there, of course, is that the Doctor is a time traveller - Her death isn't necessarily important to him since he can see her whenever he likes by just travelling back to when she was alive! Eh, we'll see.
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