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I don't know if they'll even air the three episodes they made... I've not seen the final episode of the last series, but it was called Goodbye Sarah Jane and from what I've heard, would be a semi-decent place to end the series. It was such a good show, though, and I think it was more consistently good than Who itself, if a little on the cheesy side. Look what someone spotted!

I don't know what I want them to do about giving closure to the other characters, or about what happens to Sarah Jane in canon, though. ;;

There's a fandom joke that The Impossible Astronaut wasn't a very good episode because it didn't even have any aliens in X3

Also, sort of interesting, it was the most-watched show ever on BBC America, yet was the least-watched series opener on the BBC since the show was rebooted back in '05. Though I think this is less to do with the Brits not wanting to watch Who and more to do with Saturday being a gloriously sunny day in the middle of a 4-day weekend.
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