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Originally Posted by Dannichu View Post
Aww, I'm sorry! Although now I'm sort of jealous because you get to watch it for the first time! I sometimes wish I could delete all memory of having watched my favourite shows/episodes so I could watch them for the first time again (or leave a note telling myself to not watch the final ten mintues of Journeys End). :)

(SPOILER) Other things I remember I enjoyed:

-River splashing into the swimming pool in the library. I adore little bits of self-reference like that <3

-"You've got a screwdriver! Go build a cabinet!" The hilarious one-liners continue!

-The bit with Amy in the Orphanage was genuinely scary, even by Moffat standards.

And things I didn't like so much:

-The resolution of the Silence thing was a bit anticlimactic, I thought. Am I being silly, or did we never actually find out what they were doing?

-It's feels a bit off to have the Doctor be so pacifistic and refuse to use guns, while being perfectly happy letting River shoot stuff left, right and centre (Sarah Jane certainly wouldn't stand for it).

-I blame this on Eleven being so asexual, but while I enjoy the hilarious flirting, the River/Doctor kiss seemed wrong. Even though the Doctor was super-awkward about it, the suggestion that it'll be happening a lot more is... weird to me. And we've already got one couple on board the TARDIS.
(SPOILER) I assume we're going to find out more about what the silence is/was actually doing as the season progresses. I don't think their arc ends here. Agree with you on most everything else though. That orphanage... Christ.
What a crazy random happenstance!

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