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Wednesday came with another brilliant, sunny morning. Cal was shaken awake by his mother at seven O'Clock. Groaning, the boy climbed out of bed as she left the room, and grabbed his school uniform which was draped carelessly over the end of the bed.

After going through his normal morning routine, Cal allowed his mother to give him a quick hug and to wish him luck on the trip, then walked across town and into the woods again.

After a few minutes, he felt something moving in his bag. Curious, he took it off and opened it, and found Kira inside.

"Kiiiiid!" she squealed happily, as Cal stared, shocked. She must have climbed into his backpack as he picked it up to go. Well, she'd make the day even more interesting...


When Cal got to school (late, as usual), Mr Hill took a quick register, then looked around at the assembled class.

"Right," he said, "We're all here. The bus is outside. Let's go!"

The rest of the class quickly filed out excitedly, but Cal lagged behind, slowed by the weight of Kira hidden in his bag. They got outside, and Cal saw the sleek, silver, modern-looking bus. It appeared to have no wheels and was floating. Slightly puzzled, Cal stepped aboard and chose a seat at the back, next to Rebecca.

"Hi," she said.

"Hey," he replied.

When the whole class was on board, Cal felt a sudden lurch as the bus shuddered. Then, with a strange hum, it swiftly began moving, winding through the streets like a fish through water. Confused, he opened the window next to him and stuck his head a short way out. No, the bus definitely had no wheels. It was floating. Then, very suddenly, the ground began to fall away, the roads becoming lines, the people and cars becoming ants. The bus was flying!

Soon, the bus was high into the air, almost as high as the clouds. The young boy looked around, amazed, at the whole region of Farroh. There was Dayrock Mountain towering above everything, with Observatory Hill next to it. If he looked closely, he could see the Observatory on the hill, with its domed roof and smooth walls. Over to the west was Chalkshore Island, and just off the coast behind the Mountain was the small Ultima Island. turning around, he even saw the tiny Cleanslate Town to the far south. His eyes scanned the beautiful region in wonderment. He then looked up, at the sky. The clouds were floating above them, and one had an unusually regular shape. It looked rather like a flower. He jumped as a streak of light blue shot underneath that strange cloud formation, but then it was gone.

After a few minutes, the flying bus began to lose height, and Cal, looking down, saw the sprawling mass of the capital, Marble City, rising up like a friendly pet to meet them. It had the tallest buildings in all of Farroh, such as the Radio Tower and the Pokémon Research Tower. It was the latter building they were heading towards - or more,they were heading to a much smaller building at its base. The bus smoothly came to a halt outside the square white building, and the doors hissed open. Excited, the babbling students climbed out and walked through the double doors of the building, which were open, warm and welcoming.

Mr. Hill followed them in, and beckoned to them to gather around. "This, children," he said, "Is Marble City Pokémon lab." he gestured around the entrance room they were in. The walls were made of metal, and the floor of dark blue wood. At the center of every wall was a giant, painted picture of a Pokéball, each one a different colour and with a door underneath it.

"The research carried out here is sent up to the Research Tower," Mr. Hill continued, pointing to the door to the left of the front doors. "They properly analyse and test the research, and then file it and-"

"Jus' take us to the Pokémon!" Ralf shouted, getting a few sniggers from his friends.

Mr.Hill rolled his eyes. "Okay then," he said, and lead them through the glass doors opposite the ones they had come through, above which was a picture of a ordinary red-and-white Pokéball.

They came out into a long room lined with silver bookshelves which were in turn stuffed with books of every size and colour. At the far end of the room was a large screen, with three complicated consoles in front of it. On the screen was an image of a few different Pokémon. At the side consoles were a couple of black-haired lab assistants, and at the middle one was a woman holding a clipboard. When she heard the teacher and children enter, the woman turned around, and smiled.

"Arthur Hill," he said, grinning broadly and walking towards Mr. Hill, who blushed, and muttered something.

"Please, Holly, don't use my first name in front of the students..."

Professor Holly laughed, and turned her brilliant green eyes towards the gathered students. She had shoulder-length hair of a shockingly red colour, and she was wearing a long, green lab coat that was precisely the same colour as her eyes. She smiled at the assembled children, and spoke to them.

"So, are you guys all ready to choose your first Pokémon?" she asked kindly. Most of the students nodded, and Ralf and his cronies grunted.

Professor Holly lead the class over to the main screen, just as the image changed, showing an image of a very strange Pokémon with a round, red head and a body that looked like two long, twisted tails. the Professor quickly pressed a large green button at the top of her console, and the screen turned off. For some reason, didn't she want the students to see the Lab's research?

She then pressed another button, which was shaped and coloured like a Pokéball. The console slid backwards along the floor, and stopped against the wall. Then the floor where the console had previously been opened up, and another machine came up through the hole. This one was wide and cylindrical, with a large red dome on top. Around the dome were three different coloured buttons: one green, one orange and one blue.

To start with, the Professor put her hand over the green button. "This is your first choice: It's a grass-type." She pressed down on the button, and the dome in the middle became two halves which opened, revealing some sort of projector. Then, a beam of light flickered from the projector's bulb, over which a complicated-looking filter clicked into place, creating a floating, three dimensional image of a Pokémon.

It appeared to be a white bunny rabbit. Instead of ears, however, it had two long, quivering leaves, and in place of a tail was a small, yellow flower.

"Learabit, the Sapling Pokémon," Professor Holly said. All the girls 'aww'ed, and a few of the nicer boys smiled. Ralf however, smirked nastily.

"Pathe'ic thing," he whispered to one of his friends, who snorted. Cal sighed at Ralf's meanness, and felt Kira wriggling inside his bag.

Professor Holly now pressed the orange button, and Learabit disappeared, to be replaced by another Pokémon.

"Colawa, the Cross Pokémon. Fire type." Professor Holly said. The Pokémon looked like a Koala. It had big, angry-looking eyes, and the top of its head, including its large ears, was on fire. Cal saw Ralf nod in obvious appreciation, a sneer across his face. He'd obviously made his mind up.

Finally, Professor Holy pressed the third button, the blue one. The final Pokémon was a very cute little dolphin with big, innocent eyes and tiny, feathery wings instead of fins. A few of the girls actually squealed in delight, but Ralf burst out laughing. The other students turned around to look at him, as did Mr. Hill with a stern look, and Professor Holly with a slightly confused expression.

"It's... it's just... st... stupid!" Ralf guffawed, pointing at the image of the Pokémon.

As Ralf began to calm down a little, Professor Holly spoke again. "This is Findol, the Tiny Pokémon. It's a water type, and my personal favourite. Now, it's time for you to choose. Form a line, please."

The students lined up, and Ralf barged to the front. "Colawa," he said boisterously, and lazily held out a large, red hand. Professor Holly pressed the orange button again, but held it this time, and the image of Colawa didn't come. Instead, four thin, red laser beams shot out from hidden transmitters around the inside of the still-open dome, and gathered in a ball of light above the machine. The noise they made became increasingly high-pitched, and suddenly they stopped altogether, revealing a Pokéball floating in the air above the machine. Ralf snatched it down, and threw it to the ground, letting out his Pokémon in a burst of red light.

The Colawa instantly growled, and looked up at its new trainer, who smirked again, and threw the ball unkindly at the Colawa's face. the Pokémon was sucked back into the ball, which Ralf smugly stuffed into his pocket.

The process continued, with students choosing their Pokémon, briefly letting them out, and then withdrawing them again, until it was Cal's turn. The boy nervously walked forward, and smiled at Professor Holly.

"Take your time," she said kindly. After a few moment's hard thinking, Cal looked at the Professor again.

"I'll take a Learabit, please," he said. The Professor smiled, and held down the green button. Cal watched as his Pokéball materialised above the machine, and smiled gratefully as the Professor handed him the ball. Cal felt its weight, and clicked the button on it, letting out his second Pokémon. He smiled as the little rabbit appeared, curiously sniffing the air and waving its sensitive leaf-ears through the air. Cal grinned happily, and took it back into its ball.

Cal turned around, and saw there were no other students in the queue. He felt Kira squirming in his bag again, and, as Mr Hill announced the students could go into the Lab gardens to play with their Pokémon, Cal spoke to Professor Holly.

"Um, Professor," he said, "Could I talk to you, please?"

The Professor smiled warmly. "Of course," she replied, and walked him over to a table in a corner of the room. They both sat down. "So, what is it?" she asked kindly.

"Well, you see, I... I've got another Pokémon... I found her. In the Centuro-Slate woods, the other day."

The Professor nodded, her brow furrowed, and Cal unzipped his bag. Kira climbed out onto the table, and looked up cutely at Professor Holly, who gasped. "A Kangaskid!" she said in a hushed voice. "The only way to get these is to steal them from their Mother's pouch, which is very hard, as Kangaskhan can be... very protective." She looked up. "I suppose you didn't steal her?"

Cal shook his head. "Her Mother was dead," he said quietly.

"A dead Kangaskhan in Centuro-Slate Woods?" she said, obviously surprised. "I can't think why it'd go there in the fist place... they usually stay in the fields around Mount Dayrock..." she trailed off.

After an while, Cal spoke again. "So," he said awkwardly, "Could you maybe get me a Pokéball for her?" the Professor nodded, and reached into an inside pocket of her green lab coat, from which she took another Pokéball, and gently touched it to the top of Kira's head. Kira turned into red energy, but immediately began to squirm and squeal, knocking the Pokéball away before she was taken inside, and returning to her usual solid form.

"Well, it appears you have a very stubborn Pokémon here," Professor Holly said, obviously amused. "I have heard of a few cases like this before, of Pokémon not wanting to go inside Pokéballs. The most famous is probably that of Ash Ketchum from Kanto. He had a Pikachu who would never go inside a ball... It looks like Your Kangaskid will just have to ride on your shoulder."


A few minutes later, Cal walked out into the garden, where he found his classmates all playing with their Pokémon. He walked to a secluded corner, and put Kira, who was in his arms, on the soft, grassy ground, then let Learabit out. Learabit immediately ran over to a patch of grass to eat, and Kira playfully followed. Ralf suddenly came over to Cal, his new Colawa behind him.

"Where'ja get that other Pokémon from, Cal-terpie?" Ralf snarled angrily, looking over at Kira and Learabit.

"I found her, for your information," Cal replied.

"Well then, howzabout we battle?" the bully answered nastily, and, not waiting for an answer, pointed over at Kira. "Colawa, use Scratch attack!"

Colawa ran over to Kira with a raised arm, and Kira turned around in alarm. "Kira!" Cal shouted, "Use... something!"

How he wished he'd looked up the attacks Kangaskid could use...

Kira jumped into a battle stance, and held back both of her little fists. As Colawa reached her, her fists glowed orange, and she repeatedly punched the Fire Pokémon, sending it back and knocking it to the ground.

"Colawa, get up, stupid thing! Use Scratch again!"

"Kira, another of those punch thingies!"

But Colawa got there first, and swiped across Kira's body with its tough, flat hands. Kira cried out loudly, and Learabit, hearing his friend's plea for help, leaped into action, throwing himself at Ralf's Colawa with a powerful Tackle. Kira got up again, and delivered another quick succession of punches, knocking Colawa back again. Finally, Learabit Tackled the Colawa once more, and Ralf withdrew his fainted Pokémon, humiliation all over his usually snide face.

Cal was satisfied. He'd beaten Ralf.
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