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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

The Official TCoD Attack Guide - J
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Judgment - 100 Normal 100%
Target: Single
Class: Projectile/Special
Stat: Special
Contest Type: Random
Contest Score: 0 (+10/+20/+40/+80)

The user calls upon the mighty Arceus to judge their opponent and, upon finding them unworthy, the great beast will strike it down. Shafts of piercing radiance shoot down from on high, impaling the target on their shining beams of energy and causing severe damage. This attack is considered to always have STAB.

Jump Kick - 100 Fighting 95%
Target: Single
Class: Contact
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: Risky
Contest Score: +60

The user makes a running jump in order to plant a flying kick on the opponent's face. If the user misses it will sail through the air for a time before crashing into the ground and taking recoil damage as a result.

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