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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

The Official TCoD Attack Guide - N
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Nasty Plot - Dark 100%
Target: Self
Class: Stat modifier (special attack)
Contest Type: +Condition
Contest Score: +10, *

The user schemes industriously, coming up with the most efficient way to attack its opponent and raising its special attack considerably in the process.

Natural Gift - Varies Varies 100%
Target: Single
Class: Projectile
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: Final-Action Bonus
Contest Score: +20 (+40)

The pokémon uses its natural abilities to their fullest extent, capitalizing on the attributes that makes it unique and the powers that only it possesses. The type and base power of this attack is determined by the user's signature move:

If the pokémon has no signature move, the attack is a power 90 normal-type attack that cannot miss.

The type of natural gift is dependent on the type of the user's signature move; natural gift's type is whatever sits one to the right of its signature move's type on the following list:

Normal - Steel - Ghost - Ground - Electric - Fighting - Dark - Poison - Water - Psychic - Bug - Rock - Grass - Ice - Dragon - Flying - Fire

Thus, a steel-typed signature move would cause a ghost-type natural gift, whereas a fire-type signature move would cause a normal-type natural gift.

The base power and effects of the move vary based on the maximum base damage percent that could be caused by the signature move:

20+% : 40 BP, 30% chance of flinch
15-19% : 60 BP, high crit ratio
10-14% : 95 BP
6%-10% : 80 BP, 10% chance of raising all stats slightly
5-% : 110 BP

If the signature move deals no damage whatsoever, then Natural Gift has 0 BP and has the effect "Select any two of paralysis, poison, confusion, sleep, and burn. Both the user and the target opponent gain these status conditions."

The performance of natural gift is similar to that of secret power--the user concentrates their natural power into a beam of pure energy that has the attack's appropriate attributes.

Nature Power - Varies Varies 100%
Target: Varies
Class: Projectile/Status/Stat Modifier
Contest Type: Scrambling
Contest Score: +20

The user sharpens its natural senses, becoming more in tune with its surroundings. This allows it to utilize the raw materials of the arena in ways that it would not have before, enabling it to use attacks with which it might not normally be familiar. In an area of rocky terrain, for example, the user might be able to command the rocks as never before; in a cave, they might be able to shape the darkness into a usable projectile.

Nature power, after its use, takes on the characteristics and effects of one of several different attacks. These attacks, with regard to terrain, are as follows:

Grass (short, domesticated): Stun Spore
Grass (tall, wild): Razor Leaf
Sand: Earthquake
Rocky Ground: Rock Slide
Shallow Water (pond or shallower): Bubblebeam
Deep Water (lake or deeper): Surf
Underwater: Hydro Pump
Cave: Shadow Ball
Inside Buildings, Other: Swift

The terrain is assessed as being the area directly surrounding the user, as it is assumed that the natural features used to fuel it will be found in the immediate vicinity of the user.

Needle Arm - 60 Grass 100%
Target: Single
Class: Contact/Flinch (30%)
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: Pure Points
Contest Score: +10, -30

The user smacks the opponent with its spiny arm, scratching them up and possibly causing them to flinch with pain.

Night Daze - Dark 85 95%
Target: Single
Class: Projectile/Stat modifier (accuracy)
Stat: Special

The user fires a night-black beam of pure darkness at the target, enveloping them for a moment in pitch-black night. There is a 40% chance that the target will be left dazzled and blinking when returned to normal light, in which case its accuracy will be lowered.

Night Shade - Varies Ghost 100%
Target: Single
Class: Projectile
Stat: Special
Contest Type: Type-Aligned
Contest Score: +20, -10 (-40)

The user emits burning streams of ghostly energy from its eyes. The base power of this attack is equal to ten times the number of experience points the user has, to a maximum of 100 power. This attack's damage is not affected by type weaknesses or resistances, stat boosts or drops, or any other factors save total immunity--this attack does not affect normal-types.

Night Slash - 70 Dark 100%
Target: Single
Class: Contact/Critical
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: Pure Points
Contest Score: +40

The user cloaks itself in darkness and creeps up on the opponent, leaping from the shadows to deal them a powerful slash. The unpredictability of this attack makes it difficulty to guard against and increases the chance that it will cause a critical hit.

Nightmare - Ghost 100%
Target: Single
Class: Projectile
Contest Type: Pure Points
Contest Score: +10, -30

The user inflicts the opponent with a ghastly nightmare that lasts as long as it remains asleep. The foe takes considerable mental damage for each action it remains under the influence of nightmare, although the attack dissipates the instant they awaken.

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