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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

The Official TCoD Attack Guide - Q
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Quash - Dark 100%
Target: Single
Class: Special

The user looms over its opponent, using dark energy to make itself all the more intimidating and making clear in no uncertain terms just what will happen to it if it even thinks of trying to attack. The target, thoroughly cowed, will be too nervous to do anything but attack last in this action, regardless of normal speed or attack priority.

Quick Attack - 40 Normal 100%
Target: Single
Class: Contact/Priority 1
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: First-Priority
Contest Score: +30

The user puts on an amazing burst of speed and rams into the opponent for light damage. This attack can also be used to dart away from incoming attacks or cover ground more quickly.

Quick Guard - Fighting n/a
Target: Single
Class: Special/Priority (3)

The user extends a thin bubble of fighting energy over itself and its allies, providing a defense against any swiftly-executed attacks that come later. Although it will rebound fast-moving attacks, slower, more deliberate and constant attacks will break through it. This attack protects all allies from all high-priority attacks for the duration of the action.

Quiver Dance - Bug 100%
Target: Single
Class: Stat modifier (special attack, special defense, speed)

The user performs an intricate dance that calls on the power of the hive mind to lend it strength. Upon completion of the dance, the user's special attack, special defense, and speed will all have risen.

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