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Default Re: Chemist1422 vs Panini

Round Four

Chemist1422 (3/3 left)
Amp ♂ @ Bright Powder
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 42%
Energy: 66%
Status: Frustrated that none of his attacks seem to be connecting. Burned (mild, 2% damage/round, 0.75x base power for physical attacks). Has a Light Screen (1% energy/action, 4 more actions). +1 Special Attack.

Panini (3/3 left)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 80%
Energy: 65%
Status: Struggling to get her muscles back under control. Severely paralyzed (21% failure chance). +1 Special Attack.


Amp (ever the model citizen of Asber) enjoys making fun of the disabled, so he z o o m s around the field just because he can, while Ceridwen watches jealously, still unable to get her damn muscles under control. RIP.

One, two, three cub-shaped shadows spring up in Amp's wake, materializing into indistinguishable copies of the Shinx, right down to the slightly asymmetrical tufts of fur on his cheeks. The four Amps surround Ceridwen in a ring, simultaneously baring their teeth in an unimpressive snarl that comes out as an oddly echoed, rumbling mrrRRRRR.

Ceridwen's eyes dart nervously from one Shinx to the next, but other than that the Fennekin does not make a move. Boring.

Maybe she'll do something if all the Amps SPIT STARS AT HER AT ONCE. Yeah, that sounds like a solid plan. The four Shinxes begin to yap raucously at random intervals, completely out of sync with each other, shooting stars of bright white energy from their mouths that circle around Ceridwen and slam into her from all directions. The Fennekin shudders, as much in pain from the terrible cacaphony the Amps are making as from the actual impact of the attack.

But alas, Ceridwen still gives them no further response.

Desperate for attention now, the Amps all tense for a second, their fur beginning to stick up as static crackles through their bodies. With a deafening howl, each looses a massive bolt of electric energy at their foe, and though only one attack is solid enough to strike her, it's enough to lift Ceridwen a few inches off the ground, yelping in agony as electricity courses through her body. Jolted back into action from the shock, the Fennekin wheels around, teeth gritted in rage, and flings herself straight at the Shinx closest to her. Oh, she's gonna get him this time!!!

Jk, she flies straight through one of Amp's clones and it vanishes into thin air as she tumbles face-first onto the grass with a tiny whuff of expelled breath.


Chemist1422 (3/3 left)
Amp ♂ @ Bright Powder
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 40%
Energy: 52%
Status: TROLOLOLOL Burned (mild, 2% damage/round, 0.75x base power for physical attacks). Has a Light Screen (1% energy/action, 1 more action). Has 2 clones. +1 Special Attack.
Used: Double Team (3 clones) ~ Swift ~ Thunderbolt

Panini (3/3 left)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 61%
Energy: 57%
Status: You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Moderately paralyzed (17% failure chance). +1 Special Attack.
Used: [paralyzed] ~ [paralyzed] ~ Facade (hit clone)

Arena Status
  • Nothing of note.

Damage and Energy
  • Amp's Health: 42% - 2% (burn) = 40%
  • Amp's Energy: 66% - 3% (Double Team) - 4% (Swift) - 4% (Thunderbolt) - 3% (Light Screen) = 52%
  • Ceridwen's Health: 80% - 7% (Swift) - 12% (Thunderbolt) = 61%
  • Ceridwen's Energy: 65% - 8% (Facade) = 57%

  • Speed order: Amp (45) > Ceridwen (20).
  • high-effort reffings lol
  • Hell if I remember the formula I used to use for max number of clones from Double Team... I think it might've been speed / 12.5 rounded down, so I'll go with that I guess.
  • (yes I know clones don't make sound (yes I also know neither of you actually cared))
  • Poor Ceridwen :(
  • My original formula for paralysis was 2% recovery each action that they don't parafail, but then that can make successive parafails unfairly punishing if they do occur (like now)... so I'm gonna do 2% for recovery successful actions, 1% for recovery unsuccessful actions instead.
  • Chemist1422 commands first.
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