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Default Re: Please stop using joke pronouns

Originally Posted by Eloi View Post
I think the reason why the terminology is like this is because it was not created to be inclusive to trans* people, or with recognition of the differences between sex and gender, or what those mean. Its just outdated words we still use for ease of use, they don't rationalization to be justified.
Connotations and denotations of words change over time. With trans* awareness rising, it is important to exemplify the difference, particularly as not everybody knows the difference between someone who is trans gender or trans sexual.

But interacting as a gender I feel I am is really awesome though. Its awesome for a lot people. I don't see what the problem is.
It's completely unnecessary and it does cause a lot of pain to a lot of people. You should be equally or more satisfied interacting as yourself than as a girl. Gender is an unnecessary construct that creates an unnecessary division.

Yes, when it comes to emotional interaction, they are. Gender is not based in emotional interaction, but it does affect it, however, because its not based in emotional interaction, it is not a behavioral disorder caused by surroundings.
And you know this how?

Okay, well, where did all of these concepts come from then? Did people create them ex nilho? Why did we create them? What's their function?
Years and years of reinforcement. During the hunter-gatherer era, sex characteristics laid out a foundation that would later develop into gender roles after civilisations were created during the agricultural revolution. The majority of early civilisations were patriarchal, and future societies continued to be patriarchal. However, we have since evolved past this; gender roles are simply unnecessary. Men are perfectly capable of raising children and women are perfectly capable of pursuing a career or leading a nation. It's an extraneous division that serves no real function. Why should possessing a vagina give you an all-exclusive pass to wear a dress? Does having a beard make you look like you match your truck?

That's not true. I grew up not discouraged (as I had a different understanding of what gender was, as I thought it was wide-spread differences in behavior and appearance by choice of up-keep that roughly divide into 'male' and 'female', while names and pronouns are decided at birth
This is wrong on so many levels. It is the #1 reason why gender roles are so intact.

so I decided to be a girl in behavior and appearance which never got discouraged because I never challenged names or pronouns),and I was just horrified by adolescence, as it stole away the freedom of deciding the upkeep of my gender, which caused a rather sudden deepening of my depression. So, I don't need people to tell me its wrong. I just felt wrong because of how bodies work, and how my mind works.
And now you've completely lost me.
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