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Default Re: Please stop using joke pronouns

Originally Posted by Eloi View Post
But myself is a girl. Not primarily, but its a characteristic.
Right. If this element were eliminated, absolutely nothing about you would change.

My experience shows otherwise.

The Old Europe supposed in Kurgan hypothesis is matriarchal, and preceded patriarchal culture that invaded upon the older culture. So, I don't believe patriarchy is a natural extension of sex characteristics.
You missed the point. We live in a patriarchal society today; gender roles still exist today. They are slowly disappearing, but they are still there.

Yes, but gender stereotypes are not gender.
It is to a lot of people. Boys who act "girly" get called "sissies"; both terms evoke gender.

...Yes, I know, I was saying these were the incorrect things I believed as a child that reinforced my non-cisgender behavior without actually recognizing as it as such.
Wait, are you a trans girl? For some reason, I had registered you as cis gender. My apologies.
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