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Default Re: Please stop using joke pronouns

(Making replies assuming an eventual split into a debate thread about the validity of the concept of gender.)

Originally Posted by Alvyren View Post
Right. If this element were eliminated, absolutely nothing about you would change.
Well, yes, but there is no way to feasibly eliminate this element in my lifespan, nor am I aware of anyone actively trying to do so that are in powerful positions to initiate such a movement with enough momentum to do so.

My experience shows otherwise.
Hence anecdotal evidence being invalid in debates. =/

You missed the point. We live in a patriarchal society today; gender roles still exist today. They are slowly disappearing, but they are still there.
That is true, but I am saying gender does not originate from a patriarchal society based on sex characteristics, which is fundamental to your model of gender being a concept invented by human minds and not a concept caused by the human mind.

It is to a lot of people. Boys who act "girly" get called "sissies"; both terms evoke gender.
Yes, but majority belief is not truth.

Wait, are you a trans girl? For some reason, I had registered you as cis gender. My apologies.
Um, s'okay, no problems here. ^^; I tried to come out as such in the last Grr thread because I implied otherwise on the forums beforehand but it suddenly vanished and yeah.

ok I came in here like 10 mins ago and Meccanica wasn't banned then so I assume she was banned for that post
I think it was because of the mean-spiritedness of the post as opposed to the points raised.

half (if not more) of the trans community on this forum DO take things way too goddamn seriously and will freak out over the most retarded of things.
I don't necessarily disagree, but I think years of having your problems trivialized and systematic oppression will do that to a person.

jesus christ stop beating everyone to death with political correctness
One cannot have too much of treating people in general nicely, methinks.

for example, the t-shirt fiasco in the "NY legalised gay marriage" thread [...] I get that you're trying to educate people and shit but a lot of you (Alvyren especially) do it IN EVERY SINGLE THREAD and it's beyond irritating
I will concede that a lot of off-topic debate prompted by on-topic stuff does occur especially related to that, which I thing would be solved nicely by a specific topic to discuss it.

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