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Default Re: Toll The Bells.

Thank you. ^_^

Yea Suicune's stanza is a bit longer for that very reason, it played a much more significant role in both the anime and in the games. When I began my research on the lore of Ho-Oh and the legendary beasts to write this poem, I found more lore on Suicune then any of the other beasts so I incorporated that into the poem by making its stanza a bit longer then the others. When writing poems on ancient Pokemon, I like to have the poem sound as if it's being orated by an old storyteller of the ancient Pokemon World time period; I find it very fitting to have an ancient story be told by an old storyteller haha. The rhyme scheme of this poem was a bit tough to tackle and half way through I decided that there was no way I could tell the story I wanted to tell and have it all rhyme without it sounding off somehow, so I decided some parts would free style and the parts I could rhyme I would do so. I'm really glad you liked the poem, I have a few more of my works up on here in the poetry section, so feel free to take a look at them as well and let me know what you think. =)
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