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Default Re: Magic: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Negrek View Post
I signed up for the Great Designer Search 3! Going to round off my big trip by landing a job at Wizards, clearly. B)
How's this gone? :O it sounds really cool!

Originally Posted by Emperor_Evulz View Post
I'm primarily an EDH player and that one tryhard in my playgroup. When someone wants a casual Friday game, I'm the one who forks Warp World while everyone else brings tribal, hah hah. But yes, I've only gotten into Magic about seven-eight months ago, and it's been a real blast learning the little nuances of the mechanics, and the local community has been very supporting with new members. I might poke my toe in Modern, but I don't plan on jump starting my tournament career so to speak.
What do you recommend to someone who wants to start in EDH?



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