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Default Re: Magic: The Gathering

Originally Posted by I liek Squirtles
Sorry for double posting, but I just finished building this deck; it's GW Saprolings!
Ooh, nice! I love Saprolings. Was super lucky to get a lot in my Dominaria prerelease pool so I could build a pretty nasty deck out of them.

Originally Posted by Byrus View Post
I've always wanted to get into Magic, but I never knew where to start. I really love the card art and lore, though! There's so many amazingly creative creature designs.
Like Emperor_Evulz said, you definitely want to check out a local card/hobby shop near you that carries MtG! You can see whether they have a Friday Night Magic event, or just show up any time to talk to the people running the store. Game stores that sell Magic should have welcome decks that they can give you for free, and someone there may be able to play a game or two with you to show you how things work. One way or another, the people there will definitely be able to advise you on what kinds of events they run and what might be best for a new player. Right this weekend stores are actually holding prerelease tournaments to celebrate a new set coming out, and these are generally very newbie-friendly; they're super casual and people will be happy to help you build a deck and figure out how things work... there will probably be several other players who are attending their first tournament there. Definitely recommend checking one out in the future even if you aren't ready to run out and go to this specific in the next two days, they're always a lot of fun. Unfortunately you juuuuust missed the last Open House event, which is tailored specifically towards brand-new players and also gives out those welcome decks and where you can meet other people in the area who are new to playing. The next one should be coming up sometime in September, so that's also an option for getting your feet wet.

You can use this tool to find a game store near you if you don't know of one already:

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