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Originally Posted by Eifie View Post
I think I'm only in two battles that take up a slot (not that either of them has moved in years), so. This is totally ridiculous but I need to spread the word of bird. Go buy your cheep cheeps!

Format: 1&1 vs 1&1, double
DQ: whatever
Damage Cap: 40%?
Banned/Restricted Moves: Direct healing, Chill, anything that erases abilities (I don't think Oricorio has anything like that, but just in case). Spamming of Dance moves is highly encouraged.

Arena: Oricorio Meadow
idk how to write but it is pretty and full of flowers and stuff. The meadow is separated into four quadrants, each populated with a different colour of Oricorio flower. It is very very pretty. So pretty. Look how pretty! Cheep cheeps can take an action to drink the nectar from any of the flowers and change form according to the flower's colour. Form changes will take place at the end of the round.

Additional Rules: The only allowed Pokémon is our favourite cheep cheep friend, Oricorio. We will need one Oricorio of each form (but of course they can change forms during battle, see the arena description). Mine is Sensu form! Flying and Electric inflict neutral damage on each other, to prevent Pom-Pom form from being too OP. All participating cheep cheeps have Fiery Dance, Feather Dance, Lunar Dance, Petal Dance, and Quiver Dance added to their movepool.

This battle may drag on, so I'm considering something like everyone starting off at 50% health/energy and only two actions a round so the ref doesn't need to write like, five million dance moves per round. I welcome your suggestions! (This would probably have to affect exp gain in some way, but I'll assume nobody cares about it in this battle anyway because Oricorio doesn't evolve.)

Current Participants:
  • Eifie (Sensu Oricorio)
  • Sandstone-Shadow (Baile Oricorio)
  • You?! (Pa'u Oricorio)
  • sanderidge (Pom-Pom Oricorio)
I will try to get back into ASB by taking the last slot! I'll try to keep up but just in case, poke me on Telegram if I don't give commands within a day or so of it being my turn for it :)
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