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Default Re: Kirby franchise

KIRBY!!!! I love the Kirby games (and I think actually own them all through that Dream Collection haha) and I actually got one of my friends into them! (we powered through Epic Yarn and got stuck in Return to Dreamland hahaha)

One of my favorites is 64 because power combinations are great (I don't mean like the elemental bombs/swords (other things maybe?) in Squeak Squad, I mean like THE DRILL AND THE FRIDGE AND GIANT KIRBY-FACE-CUTTER), plus some nostalgia because it's the first Kirby game I owned (and still haven't beaten haha)

Other than that I am REALLY fond of Epic Yarn because it's ADORABLE and definitely has good replayability by way of extra levels and 100%ing and minigames (however silly they are)
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