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Originally Posted by Flora View Post
I know EXACTLY WHY I SHOULD 100% 64 (that being said i might beat it without because the cutscene that plays if you don't cracks me up)
how dare you. why would you leave Ripple Star to suffer under dark influences any longer than it has to. I am disappoint >:/

also: I have reached Mass Attack on my Kirby quest. Mass Attack is probably the hardest of the Kirby games I own to 100% (yes, Canvas Curse took me several years, but once I got it down I discovered it wasn't actually as challenging as I'd previously believed), since in addition to beating the game and collecting all the Medals (some of those Medals can be kinda tricky!), you have to beat every stage without taking any damage. Which may sound trivial at first... until you get to the miniboss rush stage. And the bosses themselves. And some of the more gimmicky stages. Yeah, it's... not an easy feat. I pulled it off the first time I played the game because I am the Determinator, but it's taking a toll on me now.

I'm also attempting to beat Helper to Hero in Super Star Ultra with each of the Helpers, because - again - Determinator. (After this, I plan to do the unofficial "hardest mode" - one health, one life, extra mode - on Dream Land.) I'll be keeping my status updated in case anyone's interested in seeing just what absurd abilities I am managing to beat it with.
Current record: all the helpers \o/

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