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Default Re: The Safari Zone Snack Bar

Originally Posted by Coloursfall View Post
Hmm. Give me LAVA COOKIES x 3 and a GREEN TEA, my good lady! 16$ total I think?
One male CYNDAQUIL, a female VULPIX, a female LARVESTA, and a male KADABRA!


Originally Posted by Ulqi-chan View Post
I'll take a Lava Cookie, a Castelia Cone, and a MooMoo Milk, please! c:
Let's see what you find...
A female NINETALES, a female CUBCHOO, and a female PERSIAN! Nice catch! C:


Originally Posted by LuckyLapras View Post
COOKIES! I would like a Lava Cookie. Also, do we get to keep the item?
No, the item grants you a pokemon. (Which we have a system for.) I'll speak with Alraune about the possibility of just buying the items, if you want one for decoration. C:
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