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Default Cynder vs I liek Squirtles

Cynder vs I liek Squirtles

Originally Posted by Cynder View Post
Format: 2v2 Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 2 weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Perish Song, Moves that knock the user out
Arena: Ancient Arena
A tall ruined wall surrounds the field, collapsed in multiple places. There is a small pond to the side which can supply any water needed.

Additional Rules: base pokemon that can evolve only
Cynder's active squad

misdreavus Vexx the female Misdreavus <Levitate> @ Dusk Stone
zorua Houdini the male Zorua <Illusion> @ Scope Lens
ralts Walter the male Ralts <Trace> @ Reaper Cloth
bronzor Relic the genderless Bronzor <Heatproof> @ Weakness Policy
murkrow Shadow the female Murkrow <Super Luck> @ Razor Claw
vulpix Pyre the female Vulpix <Flash Fire>
cyndaquil Quillian the male Cyndaquil <Blaze>
sandshrew-alola Pierre the male Sandshrew (Alola Form) <Snow Cloak> @ Ice Stone
natu Magic the female Natu <Synchronize>
litwick Rushlight the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Spooky Plate

I liek Squirtles's active squad

frillish-f Freela the female Frillish <Cursed Body>
blitzle Marty the male Blitzle <Lightning Rod>
mienfoo Fisticuffs the male Mienfoo <Regenerator>
cacnea Gobi the male Cacnea <Sand Veil>
litwick Api Lahir the female Litwick <Flash Fire>
lombre Panchillo Villagrán the male Lombre <Rain Dish> @ Water Stone
azurill Brinka the female Azurill <Huge Power>
cutiefly Bombadil the female Cutiefly <Shield Dust>
skiddo xX_FrED_Xx the male Skiddo <Sap Sipper>
baltoy Most Excellent Rolling the genderless Baltoy <Levitate>

Cynder sends out first!

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