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Default [ASB Quest] Eifie & Keldeo vs. Blaziken & Charizard

ASB Quest Battle: Eifie & Keldeo vs Blaziken & Charizard (RedneckPhoenix)

Originally Posted by The Arena
Scorching Savanna

DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Battle Style: (1+1)v2 Multi
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Chills 3/pokémon, Direct Healing 1/pokémon

Scorching Savanna isn't as remote as many other quest locales; you don't need to scale mountains, plumb caves, or even rely on a flying pokémon to get you there. Instead, reaching it means braving the punishing heat and constant sun over miles and miles of empty terrain, mercifully flat but almost entirely without landmark.

It would be difficult to tell you'd even arrived at the place, in fact, if not for the tall hump of rock, rising up out of the desert like it was dropped there aeons ago by an absent-minded god. The lonely ridge has been smoothed by centuries of wind and a very little rain, so it looks almost like an oversized dune frozen in stone. The porous rock is pocked with caves and crannies, and these are rumored to be inhabited by certain incredibly powerful fire-type pokémon, ones that actually thrive in the desert's intense heat and sunlight and which are canny enough to find enough food and water to survive in this barren place.

Walk up to the base of the rock and call out a challenge, but be sure you're prepared; there's no chance one of these pokémon will turn down the opportunity to fight, and they come out swinging every time.

Notes: Sunny day is always in effect, and the weather cannot be changed. There are no external water sources available for attacks that require them; these attacks will fail.
Eifie's active squad

espeon Adelle the female Espeon <Synchronize> @ Wise Glasses [4XP]
chatot Warbaa'd the male Chatot <Tangled Feet> @ Metronome
litwick Banbi de Famme the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Dusk Stone
sliggoo Tassorosso King of Boo Foo Woo the female Sliggoo <Gooey> @ Shell Bell [4XP]
natu Siradhan the male Natu <Early Bird> @ Kee Berry
mismagius Cool Beauty Violet Temptation the female Mismagius <Levitate> @ Mental Herb [4XP]
altaria Cirrus the male Altaria <Natural Cure> @ Persim Berry
anorith Scuttlebutt the male Anorith <Battle Armor> @ Lucky Egg
charmander Kaleie the male Charmander <Solar Power> @ Sun Stone
gulpin Gooch the male Gulpin <Sticky Hold> @ Eviolite

Keldeo's active squad

dusknoir Eris the female Dusknoir <Pressure> @ Muscle Band [8XP]
crobat Vesper the female Crobat <Inner Focus> @ Black Sludge [4XP]
castform Airplane Baguette the male Castform <Forecast> @ Wise Glasses [4XP]
sigilyph Luke Atmey the male Sigilyph <Magic Guard> @ Life Orb
charmander Kaley the female Charmander <Solar Power> @ Sun Stone
riolu Parker the male Riolu <Inner Focus> @ Soothe Bell
eelektrik Emily the female Eelektrik <Levitate> @ Thunder Stone
gligar Laylah the female Gligar <Immunity> @ Razor Fang
sableye Blake the male Sableye <Prankster> @ Sachet
dedenne Ochotona the female Dedenne <Pickup> @ Dusk Stone

The Opponents (as commanded by RedneckPhoenix)
charizard Charizard (Female) <Solar Power> @ Fire Stone
blaziken Blaziken (Male) <Speed Boost> @ Charcoal

To start us off...
~ Eifie and Keldeo send out their pokémon, and declare their signature attributes if they have any.
~ Eifie and Keldeo order commands, in any order
~ RednexPhoenix orders commands for Charizard and Blaziken
~ I ref.
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