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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Eifie & Keldeo vs. Blaziken & Charizard

All right, Siradhan! Start by Skill Swapping with Charizard to get that Solar Power for yourself. If you're unable to hit her with Skill Swap, paralyze Blaziken with Thunder Wave. And if you can't hit him either, or if he has clones or a Substitute, fire a Simple Beam at Laylah.

Next, if Blaziken isn't already paralyzed, Thunder Wave him now. If he is already paralyzed, or if you can't hit him or he has clones/a sub, target Charizard instead; but if you can't hit Charizard or she has clones/a sub, put up a Light Screen.

Finish up with a Psychic (mental intrusion) at Blaziken; do this even if he has a Substitute, but if you can't hit him or he has clones, then instead Skill Swap with Charizard if you haven't already, otherwise set up a Tailwind.

Skill Swap @ Charizard / Thunder Wave @ Blaziken / Simple Beam @ Laylah ~ Thunder Wave @ Blaziken / Thunder Wave @ Charizard / Light Screen ~ Psychic (mental intrusion) @ Blaziken / Skill Swap @ Charizard / Tailwind

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