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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Eifie & Keldeo vs. Blaziken & Charizard

As the duo issues the challenge, the two starters jump down from atop the rock, shaking the ground. Charizard roars very loudly.

For about 2 minutes.

Blaziken rolls his eyes and mutters something that probably translates to "drama queen".

The duo leap into action, with trained familiarity. Then they, uh...

They seem to be flirting.

After their flirt-session, Charizard flaps her wings as an ominous-looking wind flies toward Siradhan. Blaziken gathers a fireball around himself and lunges wildly at Laylah.

As Blaziken recharges, Charizard hits the other duo with a Flame Burst, targetted at Siradhan.

Attract@Siradhan~Ominous Wind@Siradhan~Flame Burst@Siradhan

Attract@Laylah~Blast Burn @Laylah~ Recharge
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