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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Eifie & Keldeo vs. Blaziken & Charizard

Originally Posted by The Arena
Scorching Savanna

DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Battle Style: (1+1)v2 Multi
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Chills 3/pokémon, Direct Healing 1/pokémon

Scorching Savanna isn't as remote as many other quest locales; you don't need to scale mountains, plumb caves, or even rely on a flying pokémon to get you there. Instead, reaching it means braving the punishing heat and constant sun over miles and miles of empty terrain, mercifully flat but almost entirely without landmark.

It would be difficult to tell you'd even arrived at the place, in fact, if not for the tall hump of rock, rising up out of the desert like it was dropped there aeons ago by an absent-minded god. The lonely ridge has been smoothed by centuries of wind and a very little rain, so it looks almost like an oversized dune frozen in stone. The porous rock is packed with caves and crannies, and these are rumored to be inhabited by certain incredibly powerful fire-type pokémon, ones that actually thrive in the desert's intense heat and sunlight and which are canny enough to find enough food and water to survive in this barren place.

Walk up to the base of the rock and call out a challenge, but be sure you're prepared; there's no chance one of these pokémon will turn down the opportunity to fight, and they come out swinging every time.

Notes: Sunny day is always in effect, and the weather cannot be changed. There are no external water sources available for attacks that require them; these attacks will fail.
It was a pretty long walk to the Scorching Savanna, and one none too pleasant either given the heat, but now that Eifie and Keldeo are here, the difficult journey is about to become worth the trouble. Together, before the huge rock that marks the locale, the duo strike matching poses, and each voices their challenge loudly and clearly.

Their challenge is met with a burst of flame emerging from above the rock, dissipating brilliantly against the bright blue sky. No sooner has it, then a Charizard swoops down and strikes the ground before Eifie and Keldeo, roaring loudly. And continuing to do that, for far longer than you'd think she would have the air capacity for.

As the roar begins to die down, a Blaziken gracefully lands next to the Charizard, giving a wry glance to the dragon pokémon. That settled, the two assume their battle positions and prepare for battle.

Eifie and Keldeo are fully prepared, each with a poké ball already at the ready. Eifie throws first, releasing a tiny green bird pokémon. The two fire-types gaze down at the Natu, almost dismissively, but Siradhan is calm and collected, confident in its abilities in that distinctive way that psychic types tend to have. Keldeo's pokémon is also a flying type, but otherwise is almost as different from Eifie's as possible. Laylah lands on the ground, ready to take off and glide around the battlefield, and prepared to take on these powerful opponents.

Round 1

Blue Corner
Siradhan – Natu (♂) @ Kee Berry
Health: 90%
Energy: 100%
Stat Variance: SpA++, HP--
Ability: Early Bird
Type: Psychic / Flying
Condition: Meditatively gazing upon its opponents
Status: Normal.
Commands: Skill Swap @ Charizard / Thunder Wave @ Blaziken / Simple Beam @ Laylah ~ Thunder Wave @ Blaziken / Thunder Wave @ Charizard / Light Screen ~ Psychic (mental intrusion) @ Blaziken / Skill Swap @ Charizard / Tailwind

Laylah – Gligar (♀) @ Razor Fang
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Stat Variance: Def++, SpA---
Ability: Immunity
Type: Ground / Flying
Condition: Ready to get started.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Sand Tomb @ Blaziken / Tailwind ~ Knock Off @ Blaziken / Earthquake / Hone Claws ~ Stone Edge @ Charizard / Earthquake / Hone Claws

Red Corner
Charizard (♀) @ Fire Stone
Health: 95%
Energy: 100%
Stat Variance: SpA+++, HP-, Def-
Ability: Solar Power
Type: Fire / Flying
Condition: Feeling naturally superior.
Status: Solar Power activated.
Commands: Attract @ Siradhan ~ Ominous Wind @ Siradhan ~ Flame Burst @ Siradhan

Blaziken (♂) @ Charcoal
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Stat Variance: Atk++, SpA++, Def-, SpD-
Ability: Speed Boost
Type: Fire / Fighting
Condition: Confident, though a little tired of its partner's antics.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Attract @ Laylah ~ Blast Burn @ Laylah ~ Recharge

Charizard stares down at Siradhan, judgingly, and the Natu gazes back, unreadable. Simmering out a bit, Charizard studies the green bird pokémon, before seemingly making a decision and kneeling down – as much as a Charizard can, anyhow – and winking at the little thing. The other pokémon on the field watch this display, in growing confusion, but somehow it seems to be working; Siradhan blinks, and then blinks again, finally nodding its head once.

Well, whatever is going through Siradhan's head, Laylah figures it's not productive, so it falls on her to pick up the slack. With a leap forward, she flies into action, gliding through the air towards Blaziken. The rooster pokémon prepares to defend, but he's not her target; instead she flies just past him, making a sharp curve and circling him a couple of times. As she does, she begins to gather grains of sand and dust, and they begin to trail behind her as she moves faster and faster. By the time she's finished, gliding back towards her side of the battlefield, she has succeeded in creating a spinning dust tornado centered around Blaziken, hampering the pokémon's movement and battering him with particulates every other moment.

Which, Blaziken reasons, is impressive enough. A decent strategy. With that, he decides to adopt his partner's battle tactic – if it worked so well for that lumbering galoot, he should have no trouble. The pokémon kneels down, and then jumps clear out of the top of the Sand Tomb, landing between it and Laylah, and giving that landing a stylish flair. Resolute, Blaziken stares into Laylah's eyes, and gives the Gligar a steady nod, then reaching out a talon towards the scorpion pokémon, to signify a mutual bond of trust. Before Laylah has a chance to respond, the Sand Tomb moves to surround the rooster pokémon again, and he is lost from her view.

Laylah isn't quite sure what to think of this, much like Siradhan isn't quite sure what to think of Charizard's similar proposal. He is still a Natu, after all; the powers of foresight that he will eventually acquire as a xatu are not yet available to him, and so it takes him a while to think over all the possible ramifications of this Charizard attracting him. If these opponents are flirting with him and Laylah, is that some reason why they're here awaiting challengers in the first place? Is Siradhan worthy of someone as strong as Charizard seems to be?

Charizard seems set on proving that she is; with a valiant roar and a few flaps of her wings, she blows a powerful wind towards Siradhan, a wind which acquires a sinister, dark tint as it picks up and blows straight through Siradhan. The Natu grips the ground with his small talons, struggling to avoid being blown away by the attack; and while it can rationalize that the Ominous Wind is a powerful attack, attacking him isn't really something that gets Charizard in his good spirits.

Laylah, onlooking, comes to roughly the same conclusion. How contradictory of Charizard, to first try to infatuate Siradhan and then turn around and attack the poor thing. Thankfully, her Blaziken seems like a much nicer fellow. But just to make sure, she glides over to Blaziken and gives him a hearty dark-type love smack. Nothing particularly harmful, but just enough to make sure that the pokémon wouldn't be doing the same thing as his partner over there. Laylah is a classy Gligar deserving of Blaziken's respect.

As the Charcoal it was holding falls off of his body and gets caught in the Sand Tomb's whirling winds, Blaziken doesn't seem to get the message. That attack hurt more than it should have; the fact that Laylah did it in the first place is probably a good indicator that his Attract shenanigans didn't work. Thus, the backup option: hit the Gligar with as strong an attack as possible. Once again, the Blaziken jumps out of the Sand Tomb, just for the visibility, and gathers together as much energy as possible. Hardly any sooner has he landed outside the sand tornado, then he jumps up once again towards Laylah; this time, he comes down striking the ground before the Gligar, harnessing his fiery lineage to create a massive blast of flame that erupts from directly underneath the scorpion pokémon.

Its work done, Blaziken retreats to a safer position, taking a knee to recover from the powerful attack and bracing himself for the Sand Tomb to envelop him once again. But Siradhan, carefully keeping an eye on its teammate, acts quickly in retaliation for the damage done to its teammate. Before Blaziken can find shelter behind the Sand Tomb, the Natu releases a wave of static electricity towards him. In his weakened state, Blaziken can hardly dodge the attack, and immediately he feels the paralysis set in, only becoming worse as the wind and particulate washes over him again. It'll be a pain to get all this out of his feathers when this is all over.

Observing Siradhan, Charizard realizes that the farce is pretty much gone by now. Unfortunate, but at least her Attract bought her an action. Now, a logical course of action seems to be a blast of flame, and so that's what she does. One moment she gathers a burst of fire in her throat, and the next she releases that at Siradhan, delivering a fairly modest hit – at least, compared to her partner's attack just now – but one that throws cinders in all directions, especially over Laylah. The attack packs a punch, knocking the Natu off balance, but he recovers his wits soon enough.

The embers that settle on Laylah are the icing on the cake after that Blast Burn attack. These pokémon are jerks – first using Attract and then trying to use those opportunities to launch strong attacks. Truly dirty tactics, indeed. This cannot be allowed to just go unpunished. Laylah drops to the ground, releasing herself from the wind currents, and the moment she makes contact she uses her power to raise sharp pillars of rock from the ground underneath Charizard. The Stone Edge catches the fire dragon completely off guard, opening cuts across the creature's body and even ripping a small tear in one of its wings. Charizard roars in pain, threatening retaliation the moment she recovers from the attack.

Siradhan sees the opportunity as a good one to continue retaliating at the pokémon that so rudely torched her partner last action. A Thunder Wave will have made him uncomfortable, but more punishment would do as well. He closes his eyes, using his psychic power to search for Blaziken's consciousness on the battlefield, and once he finds it he assaults it as much as he can. From inside the raging Sand Tomb, Blaziken cries out in pain. When Siradhan opens his eyes, he is satisfied that the scale has been balanced; perhaps his opponents will rethink their strategy next round, and be more willing to surrender.

End of Round 1

Blue Corner
Siradhan – Natu (♂) @ Kee Berry
Health: 61%
Energy: 91%
Stat Variance: SpA++, HP--
Ability: Early Bird
Type: Psychic / Flying
Condition: Satisfied with his retribution.
Status: Normal.
Actions: Infatuated ~ Thunder Wave @ Blaziken ~ Psychic @ Blaziken

Laylah – Gligar (♀) @ Razor Fang
Health: 72%
Energy: 88%
Stat Variance: Def++, SpA---
Ability: Immunity
Type: Ground / Flying
Condition: Dismissive of Charizard; less so of Blaziken.
Status: Normal.
Actions: Sand Tomb @ Blaziken ~ Knock Off @ Blaziken ~ Stone Edge @ Charizard

Red Corner
Charizard (♀) @ Fire Stone
Health: 66%
Energy: 90%
Stat Variance: SpA+++, HP-, Def-
Ability: Solar Power
Type: Fire / Flying
Condition: Hurting and angered.
Status: Solar Power activated.
Actions: Attract @ Siradhan ~ Ominous Wind @ Siradhan ~ Flame Burst @ Siradhan

Blaziken (♂)
Health: 65% (CAPPED)
Energy: 87%
Stat Variance: Atk++, SpA++, Def-, SpD-
Ability: Speed Boost
Type: Fire / Fighting
Condition: Might have pushed itself a little too hard.
Status: Speed +1. Severely paralyzed (2 more actions). Trapped by Sand Tomb (2 more actions).
Actions: Attract @ Laylah ~ Blast Burn @ Laylah ~ Recharge

Arena Notes
~The sunlight is strong.
~A hunk of charcoal rests on the ground near the entrance to the caves.

Referee Notes
~Blaziken did indeed target Laylah on action 2 with Blast Burn. Turns out all that meant was shuffling numbers around – none of the rolls changed (Siradhan's attraction roll on action 2 was still a 7 and would have needed 5 or less), and I just needed to actually calc Flame Burst's damage. If you see anything else let me know.
~Though it didn't come into play this round, I'm counting Solar Power's recoil as self-inflicted damage for the purposes of the Damage Cap.
~For explanations of the calcs, refer to my formulas document

Next Round
~RedneckPhoenix submits commands for Charizard and Blaziken
~Eifie and Keldeo command their respective pokémon in any order

Action Log / Calcs

Speed Order: Charizard (100) > Laylah (85) > Blaziken (80) > Siradhan (70)
Action 1
~Charizard uses Attract on Siradhan, for 4% energy
~Siradhan is attracted to Charizard (50%)
~Charizard takes 1% damage from Solar Power
~Laylah uses Sand Tomb on Blaziken, dealing (3.5Base * 1.25STAB * 1.5Type + 1Stats) = 7% damage, for 3% energy
~Blaziken is trapped by sand tomb (5 actions)
~Blaziken uses Attract on Laylah, for 4% energy
~Blaziken takes 1% damage from Sand Tomb (4 more actions)
~Laylah is attracted to Blaziken (50%)
~Siradhan is too infatuated to act (roll: 14\50)
~Siradhan's attraction chance becomes 40%.
Action 2
~Charizard uses Ominous Wind on Siradhan, dealing (6Base * 1.5Type + 3Ability + 3Stats) = 15% damage to Siradhan for 3% energy
~Siradhan's attraction chance becomes 10%.
~Charizard takes 1% damage from Solar Power
~Laylah is infatuated but manages to attack anyway (roll: 91\50)
~Laylah uses Knock Off on Blaziken, getting a critical hit, dealing (6.5Base * 1.5Effect * 0.66Type + 1Stat + 4Crit) = 11% damage for 3% energy
~Laylah's attraction chance becomes 35%.
~Blaziken's Charcoal is knocked off.
~Blaziken uses Blast Burn on Laylah, dealing (15Base * 1.25STAB * 1.25Sun + 2Stat) = 25% damage to Laylah for 9% energy
~Laylah is no longer infatuated.
~Blaziken takes 1% damage from Sand Tomb (3 more actions)
~Siradhan is infatuated but manages to attack anyway (roll: 7\5)
~Siradhan uses Thunder Wave on Blaziken for 4% energy
~Blaziken is severely paralyzed (3 more actions).
~Siradhan is no longer infatuated.
Speed order: Charizard (100) > Laylah (85) > Siradhan (70) > Blaziken (20)
Action 3
~Charizard uses Flame Burst, dealing (7Base * 1.25STAB * 1.25Sun + 2Stat + 1Item) = 14% damage to Siradhan for (4Base - 1Item) = 3% energy.
~The residual embers deal 3% damage to Laylah.
~Charizard takes 1% damage from Solar Power
~Laylah is infatuated but manages to attack anyway (roll: 18\17)
~Laylah uses Stone Edge on Charizard, getting a critical hit, dealing (10Base * 2Type + 1Stat + 5Crit) = 26% damage to Charizard, for 6% energy
~Laylah's infatuation chance becomes 25%.
~Siradhan uses Psychic on Blaziken, dealing (9Base * 1.25STAB * 1.5Type + 3Stats) = 19% damage for 5% energy
~Blaziken is recharging.
~Blaziken is still severely paralyzed (2 more actions).
~Blaziken takes 1% damage from Sand Tomb (2 more actions)
~Blaziken's Speed Boost increases its Speed.
~Siradhan's Health: 90Init - 15Ominous Wind - 14Flame Burst = 61%
~Siradhan's Energy: 100Init - 4Thunder Wave - 5Psychic = 91%
~Laylah's Health: 100Init - 25Blast Burn - 3Flame Burst = 72%
~Laylah's Energy: 100Init - 3Sand Tomb - 3Knock Off - 6Stone Edge = 88%
~Charizard's Health: 95Init - 26Stone Edge - 3Solar Power = 66%
~Charizard's Energy: 100Init - 4Attract - 3Ominous Wind - 3Flame Burst = 90%
~Blaziken's Health: 100Init - 7Sand Tomb - 11Knock Off - 19Psychic - 3Sand Tomb = 65% (CAPPED)
~Blaziken's Energy: 100Init - 4Attract - 9Blast Burn = 89%
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