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Mohac bolted awake, a cold sweat beading on his forehead. What kind of dream was that? Actually, he couldn't decide whether it was a dream at all- perhaps, he had entered a separate reality mentally. Whatever the explanation, he was undoubtedly spoken to by Arceus- reportedly, his time had come. It was time for him to prove himself as a hero. What could that mean? Of course, he was very powerful as a Trainer- not one of a kind, for he knew that the rest of the Elites were every bit as powerful as he, but- he had been working for this chance to prove himself and become known as the hero he was. How was Arceus planning on allowing him?
The phone began to rang. Reluctantly, Mohac picked it up and raised the piece to his ear. "Mohac, come quickly. The Elites have been summoned by Cynthia."
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