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Default Re: The Power of Six

Alessa sat at her usual corner table in the Saffron City Cafe, staring at her hands as she waited for her usual order to be brought to the table. Not much was going through her head, except perhaps the thought of how sick she was of eating the same salad, and yet still managing to order it every time she came. Her not-so-thoughtful thought process was broken by a sudden disruption of the cafe's usually calm atmosphere.

"You knew?"

She turned her head to see that the speaker was none other than Freya, the town gym leader's sister. The gym leader herself was seated across from her, looking emotionless and calm, as per usual.

"I am a gym leader. I should know these things that go on with the Elites and Champions," Sabrina spoke quietly, snapping a phone shut in her hand.

'The Elites and Champions?' thought Alessa. 'If they've called Freya, then that means...'

A familiar tone erupted from the bag that sat at her feet. Her phone was ringing.

"...I'm next." she said aloud.
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