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Default BAM (Fakemon Project)

Hey! BAM is a fakemon project with a large competitive focus to it; when it has been completed (all the fake Pokémon sprited and fully designed) it will be possible to battle with them on a simulator (either Pokemon Showdown or Pokebattle). If you're a spriter, we want you! If you've already made some fakemons of your own, we'd seriously consider including them. We would like our sprites to be in the style of Pokémon on cartridge in Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald.

About the competitive side specifically: BAM stands for Build A Metagame. The plan is for it to have a power level roughly like that of generation 3. We're having our own moves, abilities, and to a small extent items. Our fakemon will not battle against real Pokémon, only other fakemons.

A link to our forum:

If you're interested in getting involved with the competitive design, please read this:

If you're intrested in getting involved whatsoever, please also add me on Skype (search George Disaster Area, I have a Cresselia for my image).

A small note; the forums are for design purpose only. When BAM is complete, all competitive discussion will be on this forum:

For more on that forum please read my other post in the advertising forum:

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