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Default Re: Pokemon Yellow 2 to Pokemon Yellow 5

If they want to make more games based on the Pokémon anime, they should really run on a completely different engine than the main games.
Yellow was only vaguely related to the anime (it's more "Red/Blue's upgraded third version" than anything else)... the only things that really clearly link Yellow to the anime are the never-evolving, never-in-a-Pokéball, "Pika Pika!"-ing Pikachu and the occasional appearances of Jessie and James. Most of the game is just like Red/Blue, even the parts the anime left out or changed into something completely different.

I'd guess that a "real" Pokémon anime game would end up being more of a "regular RPG" following the anime's storyline, rather than a "monster training RPG" with a focus on catching as many monsters as possible through random encounters like regular Pokémon games are. Wild Pokémon battles would be much rarer than in the games (maybe it could also severely limit supply of Pokéballs or something, to enforce more "Ash-like" catching habits rather than catching one of everything you can find in each area), and the main sources of experience points would be trainer battles and weird little training sidequests (like supercharging Pikachu between Ash's two fights with Brock.)
Of course, it'd be better if it didn't force you to act out the anime's story exactly, so you could branch it off into "what if?" sort of things by managing to beat Brock the first time (with Butterfree, maybe?), or catching that Weedle Ash tried to catch first instead of Caterpie, or something along those lines..

It seems unlikely that they'll make any more anime-based games (the last one was... what, some puzzle game on the N64 that used the anime characters?), but if they did it'd make more sense to have them as their own spin-off series rather than being sequels to Yellow based on each generation of the main games.
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