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Originally Posted by Zuu View Post
i don't know if you guys are familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, but i attempted a WILD just this morning around six and became aware in a nightmare, it was /not/ pleasant.

i remember getting up thinking it was morning, turning the corner and discovering all the lights in the house are off, and i see the TV flickering in my parents' bedroom. dad's in bed, mom's seemingly gone, and as i try to walk past a door on the way there i get held back by some terrifyingly strong force. that's when i realized "oh shit i'm in a dream, awright". so i tried to change things and ... it wouldn't happen. i tried to force myself to wake up and it wouldn't happen.

so i said "shit i guess i will just go along with this" and got into the bed with my dad. we watched TV together for a few minutes and i was like "who is this actor" and he reaches over and stabs me in the chest with this huge knife. of course i am like "ow". it was just a dull pain but i could feel it.

so at this point i'm just really afraid of what could happen next, so i tear the knife out of my chest and run out of the room into the kitchen. i stare at myself in the mirror (absolutely horrified about what i might see, because mirrors are usually terribad in dreams, especially nightmares) and i'm still completely aware at this point. i bring the knife up to my face and i'm about to cut myself to see what would happen (trying to end the dream) then i hear "michael, time to get up"

so i run into the living room trying to see what's going on and hear "aaron, it's time to wake up" and then i woke up and here i am :|
These kind of dreams are the only kind I ever dream (except they aren't all nightmares) I always know I'm in a dream and I consciously move around and stuff in the dream but...yeah, it's just weird. You know the whole monster under the bed thing? I will never forget when I was little and I had a dream where everything was really dark and scary and a slipped out of bed and was standing there looking around, the floor feeling that kind of dull pseudo-cold kind of feeling that you get in dreams, against the wood flooring. Right as I started to step forward, something reached out from under the bed and grabbed my ankles, yanking my feet out from under me. My chin hit the floor but it didn't hurt, just felt a dull pressure (Is it just me, or is all pain and feeling dulled?) Whatever was under the bed was pulling me under and I was grabbing at the smooth wood floor trying to stop from being pulled under and I woke up about when I was up to my waist under the bed...Weird dreams =/
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