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Default Re: Help on putting a gimmick on a site?

What would be clever and interesting about them though? Why would anyone want to read about how if you talk to Bill 600 times and then press ABABAABABABA you'll get some Pokemon that doesn't exist, knowing upfront that it isn't true?

The only reason fake cheats were funny to see in the first place is because they were usually submitted to sites meant for real cheats (usually more like 'tips and tricks' in pokemon's case), so the reaction is something like "hahahaha they let this one through???" or "lol I bet a bunch of little nine year olds are trying this and wondering why it doesn't work". The content of the fake cheat itself is rarely funny, unless it's one of those ones that say your pokemon will drop acid and professor oak will be banging your mom when you go home.

(This doesn't mean you should make a section of your site for real cheats and load them with fake ones, either. Then you'd just get pissed off people.)
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