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Default A question about drawing on a computer

Anyone who frequents the grr thread knows I constantly criticise myself for not doing anything other than refreshing websites and playing games all the time, and constantly giving up when I do try something new.

Well anyway, one thing I always come back to is trying to draw. I have a question! I'd prefer to draw on the computer since that way I won't waste loads of paper. (I'd be wasting electricity instead!) But what's the best way to do that? I'd guess that drawing with the mouse isn't very precise, and using a laptop touchpad thingy wouldn't work because it's too small. I don't want to invest in a tablet until I'm somewhat decent at drawing. So what do people here who draw digitally use?

I guess I have another question while I'm at it as well. When I try other hobbies, I often find myself at a loss of what to do, for instance when I try programming, which I'm halfway decent at, I just can't think of a program to write that would be useful in any way. Unlike that though, I have tonnes of ideas of things I'd want to draw but I don't because I want to save those ideas until I'm better at it. What advice could people give there? Should I draw those things anyway to get better and redo them later, or think of other stuff to do?
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