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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive

Here's an arena Ki and I made up a while ago but never got to use! I kind of hope to use it someday, but personally I think it's really cool so I want other people to see it too.

The Tree of Dreams

At the center of a clearing on the Island of Dreams lies the Tree of Dreams, an ancient tree rumoured to grant wishes to those who leave offerings of berries at its roots. The area around the tree is pretty unremarkable; it's covered entirely in grass, but this being the Dream World, Pokémon are able to summon the resources to use any attack of theirs that they please (save for banned moves), and Pokémon that normally need water to move around will have no trouble maneuvering on this terrain.

Before the battle begins, the tree is willing to grant each Pokémon a wish to grow stronger like its friends. Pokémon will, for the duration of the battle, be transformed into any stage of their evolution line that their trainer chooses, and have access to all of that stage's moves and abilities (including dream abilities). For five actions after a Pokémon is first sent out, it will be disguised as any Pokémon in its trainer's active squad, akin to the effects of a more permanent Illusion. There is no way for the opposing Pokémon to see through or remove this illusion; their trainer can only try to guess what species the Pokémon really is from the events of the battle.

Several berry trees are planted around the perimeter of the clearing. A Pokémon can be commanded to spend an action retrieving a berry and laying it at the base of the Tree of Dreams to make another wish that will be granted at the end of that action. This wish will renew the Pokémon's disguise, making it last an additional three actions from the time the wish is granted.

Additional Rules: Sendouts, along with the Pokémon to be disguised as and choice of held item from the trainer's inventory (if applicable), will be PMed to the ref before command order is posted. While a Pokémon is in disguise, it will be described as carrying out all of its actions as if it was the Pokémon it's disguised as (even if they don't make sense! This is the Dream World, after all. The Feebas in it are perfectly capable of using Wing Attack and Jump Kick.) and all of the information displayed in its summary (sprite, ability, etc.) will be that of that Pokémon. Attacks that rely on gender will use the actual Pokémon's gender, inherently/consensually hovering/flying status will be that of the actual Pokémon, etc. The ref is requested not to provide any details about individual damage and energy calculations (at least while there is a disguised Pokémon on the field), only the final tallies.

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