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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive

Oh man I have a ton of stuff:

on top of Rayquaza
...who's just floating in the sky or something. Attacks that damage it in any way, including misses and entire-arena targeting, cause it to do 5% damage to the attacker. Air Lock is in effect, but moves that need natural resources or can't be used in sky battles are banned. Falling off is prevented by a cool forcefield maintained by Psychic Pokemon.

giant stack of pancakes
It's around two Wailords high and four in diameter. If a Pokemon falls off, a benevolent giant will pick it up and put it back on the arena, but will also accidentally deal 3% damage to it (4% if the Pokemon is under 1 meter tall). The pancakes are painted with colorful jam smiley faces. Pokemon can take an action to cover themselves in magic jam, increasing the accuracy of all attacks made against them by 15% but also giving them +2 in a random stat except Accuracy or Evasion for 6 actions; neither effect stacks if the Pokemon attempts to cover itself in jam before the previous jam's effect wears off. Before every even-numbered round, a giant will pour maple syrup over the whole arena, lowering the speed of all active Pokemon by 1 stage and making moves that require a lot of movement take 2% extra energy. The syrup dries at the end of the round.

a rainy city street
A typical narrow street in a typical urban area, flooded by incessant rain. All the normal effects of rain apply, but Fire moves also have a 25% chance to fizzle out and fail, and due to the inherent conductivity of the area, all Electric moves have their base damage increased by 2% and their base energy decreased by 1%. In addition, at the end of every round, one of the following things will happen:

10% chance: Thunderbolt, damage calculated as if it were used by a fully evolved Electric type with no experience, hits one Pokemon. It will not strike the same Pokemon twice, so if all Pokemon on the field have been hit when this is rolled, nothing happens.

10% chance: A sudden gust of wind deals 3% Flying damage to all Pokemon, dealing 5% to Pokemon currently in the air and knocking them down unless they are inherently flying/hovering.

10% chance: A street sign or other implement topples from the force of the rain, dealing 4% Steel damage to all Pokemon.

10% chance: The rain lessens to a drizzle for the next round. There is no Electric boost, Fire moves cannot fizzle out, all HP recovery from rain is lessened by 1/2, Swift Swim Pokemon are only 1.5x as fast, Water moves are boosted by 1.25x, Fire moves and Solar Beam are decreased by .75x, and Weather Ball is only boosted by 1.5x.

30% chance: A flash flood sweeps through the area. Between rounds, Pokemon under 1 meter tall must expend 2% energy to avoid the water, while those over 1 meter tall take 2% Water damage from the buffeting waves. Water Pokemon and Pokemon currently in the air are exempt from this damage. If this effect is rolled, there is an additional 50% chance that the next round must be spent evacuating to a safer place for a battle (turn order is preserved in this case, but a new effect is rolled, and status and other effects worsen as they normally would).

30% chance: The rain strengthens to heavy rain (identical to the effects of Primordial Sea) for the next round. In addition, every Pokemon on the field takes 1% Water damage per action, and the Electric boost is increased to 3% base damage and 2% decrease in base energy.

Somehow, the trainers and referee have wrangled access to a prototype version of a machine that allows even non-computerized Pokemon to venture into them. The specific place the battle will occur in is a stereotypical representation of cyberspace: an endless black void, with grid lines and pixels abounding in the distance. Pokemon will be able to scrounge up any natural resources they need from the depths of cyberspace. At the end of every round, a Porygon, Porygon2, or Porygon Z will appear and use a random move it can learn on a random battler.

Dupli Cave
A small, twisting road leads up to this recently discovered cave structure, which houses one of the only wild Ditto populations in Asber. The cave is fairly spacious with a high, arching ceiling, and it's lit by variously colored glowing stones protected by a mystical energy that repels all attacks. The secluded Ditto have had much time to practice fighting, and are more than happy to lend a hand to trainers who want to battle.

Each trainer will send out one Pokemon, and a Ditto will take the shape of the opponent's Pokemon. Say Trainer X sends out Pokemon A, and Trainer Y sends out Pokemon B. Then X will be commanding A and a Ditto transformed into B, and Y will be commanding B and a Ditto transformed into A. Each transformed Ditto's moves' base damage are increased by 1% because of their battle experience but they expend 2% more energy per action. At the end of the battle, each original Pokemon gains experience and happiness equal to the amount they would have received in a normal double battle plus the amount the Ditto fighting on their side would have received.

Metronome arena
A group of scientists researching the mechanics behind move learning have created a certainly non-Asber-FDA-approved drug that allows any Pokemon to temporarily learn Metronome, and the battling trainers and referee have been coerced/forced into helping test said drug. However, it's not entirely perfect yet, so all Pokemon will be ravaged internally by the drug's side-effects and take 2% damage at the end of every round. The actual battle takes place in a private testing facility, which is just a white-walled, fairly spacy room.

Other: Pokemon that can't learn Metronome only!

typical abandoned laboratory
There's nothing special about this abandoned research facility: linoleum floors, brick walls, confusingly placed corridors, decaying a bit. The sole lightsource of the room the battle takes place in is a chandelier on the ceiling. If its supports are destroyed, the chandelier will fall, plunging the arena into darkness and dealing heavy Steel type damage to whatever or whoever it lands on. A persistent leak in the corner can serve as enough water for moves that need it, like Surf.

the Asberian Library
(psst if you take this, feel free to add more books or something to make it less boring or have more effects!)

The expansive Asberian database library, home to books about anything and everything Pokemon can do in ASB. At the end of every round, each Pokemon will select a book to read, with an equal chance of each (Pokemon can't read the same book, though, and reading order is determined by current speed):

A History of ASB: This first-person account of the various ups and downs of the previous league gets the reader caught up in history. For the next round, moves introduced in the generation the reader's species was introduced in take 2% less energy for them to perform.

Tales of a Trainer: The exploits of Pokemon of their type excite the reader, giving it +1 stage of Attack and Special Attack for the next round.

The ASB Daily: Stories of recent events get the reader up to speed. Their lowered stats, if any, are each restored by 1 stage.

All About Abilities: A list of the effects of every ability available in ASB. For the next round, the reader gains a random ability that it does not already possess, in addition to all others.

Items and You: A list of the effects of every item available in ASB. For the next round, the reader behaves as if it is holding a random item that it does not already possess, in addition to all others.

The Quest for the Legends: For the remainder of the battle, the reader will gain extensive knowledge about how to execute one of the following 40 moves: Psystrike, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Mist Ball, Luster Purge, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent, Doom Desire, Psycho Boost, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Magma Storm, Crush Grip, Shadow Force, Lunar Dance, Heart Swap, Dark Void, Seed Flare, Judgment, Searing Shot, V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Glaciate, Ice Burn, Freeze Shock, Secret Sword, Relic Song, Techno Blast, Light of Ruin, Geomancy, Oblivion Wing, Land's Wrath, Diamond Storm, Hyperspace Hole, Hyperspace Fury, or Steam Eruption. However, their use of the moves take 3% more energy than usual since they are unexperienced with it.
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