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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive

(this is mostly for my reference but feel free to use or modify)

The Global Terminal?

"Welcome to the GTS! Here, you are able to trade Pokemon via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Would you like to connect to the Internet?"

The Global Trade Station is normally three floors high. Under normal circumstances, one would normally enter on the first floor and take warp panels to reach the upper floors. Each floor is typically larger in size than the one below it. The ground floor would have contained the Global Trade Station, the Trainer Rankings, the Battle Video Rankings, and the information desk. The second floor would have normally contained the Box Data and the Dress-Up Data, while the third floor normally has the Battle Video Gallery. All of these systems are accessible by specialized PCs, all in different colors.

Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances.

Somebody has managed to glitch out the Global Terminal. The separate floors have all been combined into one large room, which is far larger than the size of the building containing it. It appears to be large enough to hold four Wailords comfortably. All of the PCs, which are all are now floating in midair, are still somehow fully functioning. You wouldn't exactly trust one of these things to send off your beloved Pokemon safely, though. Their screens tend to flicker rapidly and the wires that would normally supply power to them hang limply in the air. The warp panels have disappeared entirely, and so has the entrance. There appears to be no way in or out of the building anymore. Both the floor and the ceiling have turned a terrifying shade of black, dark enough to make you think that you are looking into one of Darkrai's Dark Voids.

You are now reconsidering the safety of this arena.

Due to the current glitchiness of the building, certain glitches are able to occur during the course of the battle. Normally, these glitches would only be able to happen while actively using the GTS and its related systems, but these are not normal circumstances. Each round, there is a 10% chance that a glitch will occur. Only one glitch can occur in a round, and the Pokemon that it affects and turn that it occurs will be randomized. The glitches happen at the beginning of a turn, before any Pokemon have attacked, and last until the last Pokemon has attacked that turn. The glitches and their effects are as follows:

- The Cloning Glitch: A duplicate of the randomly chosen Pokemon will appear in front of the original one. It will act as a Substitute with infinite health. This means that the original Pokemon cannot be harmed by any attacks or damage that would normally be blocked by a Substitute. This glitch cannot be Snatched by any other Pokemon in the battle, and, like the other glitches, it disappears at the end of the turn when it was summoned.

- The Morphing Glitch: A randomly chosen Pokemon will turn into another Pokemon in its trainer's active squad, with the exception of itself and its partner Pokemon. This means that it will lose its current typing/ability and will gain those of the Pokemon generated from the active squad. During its action, rather than using the commands it was given, it will instead use a random attack from the movepool of the Pokemon it has turned into. Any stat changes possessed by the afflicted Pokemon will not disappear upon transforming to and from the other Pokemon. Once the turn is over, the affected Pokemon will revert back to normal.

- The Vanishing Glitch: The randomly chosen Pokemon will simply blink out of existance for this turn. (This is mildly distressing for the trainer who owns it.) It cannot be attacked or use any attacks while not existing. Any attacks that would have been directed at it will instead be directed at its partner Pokemon. It will reappear at the end of the turn with all of its stat changes, health, and energy at the same levels that they were before it temporarily disappeared.


YOU HAVE ENTERED A DIMENSIONAL VOID somehow. This isn't your normal eternal void, though. It actually has a floor and a ceiling and walls (except they're all invisible)! You feel and look like you're floating in space, even though there is most definitely a floor under you. After flinging yourself against a wall, you determine that the walls are entirely invisible as well.

After carefully throwing around all of your belongings, you have determined that the "room" is large enough to hold quite a few of even the largest legendaries with ample room for movement. After spending a short while in the room by yourself, you feel oddly ...powerful? You can't tell exactly what it is about this place, but there's a lot of mystical magical energy here. A pokemon would almost immediately recognize it as the energy that they usually utilize to evolve, except this energy is way stronger.

Due to being exposed to this powerful energy, every pokemon will turn into a random legendary at the end of each round. For the first round, the pokemon will be their original species and will only "evolve" at the end of the round. Typing, movepools, appearances, and abilities will all shift to that of their newly-found form, while status effects and stat changes will remain the same. (However, if a burned pokemon turns into a Fire-type or a poisoned pokemon turns into a Poison-type, then these status effects will disappear upon "evolution".)

Since the arena is filled with ~mystical magic~, any moves requiring outside sources (such as Surf or Rock Slide) will have any needed resources appear immediately when needed. They will disappear once they have been used. Fish pokemon can magically breathe in this dimensional void.

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