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Originally Posted by Eifie View Post
I haven't actually thought this through... relatively large compared to the battling Pokémon? If I have a puppy in the center maybe it's like... fifteen puppy-lengths in radius or something idk. Also you can't eat the pizza because it has anchovies and that's just gross, but like a large boulder or a Draco Meteor or something could totally blow a hole in the pizza or something.
Where on the map would one get a large boulder, exactly? Can we assume the anchovies can serve as rocks in a pinch?

I added my profile link to my original post! Do you have any preferences for DQ time or damage cap? Also for falling off the pizza, do you want it to be like, instant KO, instant damage up to the cap, more minor damage but the Pokémon that fell misses an entire round, something else? (Flying and hovering things are not exempt from falling p.s.)
Whatever you're most comfortable with, although missing a round should probably be the minimum possible penalty.

Also, would you be okay with choosing our teams in advance to agree on a fair matchup? :o I just want to have a fun battle on a pizza without type advantages being like a huge factor or anything.
Not at all.
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