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Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy View Post
I've been waiting for this moment.

Format: 1 vs 1 vs 1, Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 7 days, which is quite merciful considering that you literally just have to post instead of actually coming up with commands
Damage Cap: 32%
Banned/Restricted Moves: All moves but Metronome
Arena Description: Classic Metronome
After a painful destruction and a grueling reconstruction, Asber is back on hinges and bustling as ever. However, for its own good, one must subject one's work to harsh tests rather than soft ones... So, can the new and improved Asber take the same licking that its fine students have unleashed upon major cities all around the world? There's only one way to find out. From the cutting-edge modernity in the buildings where the new ASB Database is stored, to abandoned and decriept ruins such as that of the Pokémon Registration Office, nothing is safe from total annihilation -- if only the gods of random numbers shall permit it to occour.
Additional Rules: Only Pokémon who can learn the move Metronome are admissible for this battle. Pokémon need not be in the active squad to be chosen for this battle and can be sent out from the PC instead. Essentially, each participant's custom active squad for this match is consisted of all of their Metronome-using Pokémon. All Pokémon in battle will have their Energy count restored to 100% at the end of each round. Also, no experience or money will be awarded to the participants of this battle -- no rewards but the satisfaction of wrecking some good old-fashioned chaos! (All referee rewards are as regular, however)
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