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Default Re: [15] Superbird vs Byrus (ref: Keldeo)

"The stage is set for another exciting round of Asber's tournament in Kalos, and this time the feature is the Tower of Mastery, and specialized Battle 'Korr-ena' rules!" shouts a very loud announcer through a very red megaphone, and finishes, a little lamely, "We… really can't wait for the next battles!" The obligatory crowd has assembled at the foot of the stairs to the balcony atop which every match will take place, and every person in or near Shalour City is jostling for a place with a good view—apparently they missed the memo regarding the contestants' current status as Kalosian outlaws due to several incidents including some not-very-well-aimed Draco Meteors, the Prism Tower, and [redacted for national security]. Or maybe they just like to watch Pokemon duke it out, who knows?

In the midst of the chaos, Superbird and Byrus face off on the balcony of the Tower of Mastery, having submitted their chosen Masteries for approval. Gorouna the Graveler and Kevin the Dratini stand battle-ready in front of their respective trainers, each slathered in a protective layer of lavender Silph Co. Eviolotion (tm). While Gorouna seems jaded, having seen her teammates participate in many battles like this one before, Kevin is dazzled by the cameras and general hubbub surrounding the match and shies away from the throngs of reporters and spectators, bashful. When the referee finally teleports in and gives a wave of her flags, the Pokemon take their due places before leaping into battle, backed by the cheers of their supporters.

Superbird (Ooo)
Gorouna (f) <Sturdy> @ Eviolite
Status: 100% health / 100% energy / 200% total
Masteries: Own Worst Enemy 0 / Elementalist 0
Currently: Been there, done that. Twice.
Commands: Protect ~ Iron Defense ~ Rock Tomb / Earthquake

Byrus (Ooo)
Kevin (m) <Shed Skin> @ Eviolite
Status: 100% health / 100% energy / 200% total
Masteries: Own Worst Enemy 0, Elementalist 0
Currently: Awestruck.
Commands: Waterfall / Water Pulse / Curse ~ Ice Beam / Substitute (10%) ~ Iron Tail / Dragon Pulse / Detect

Field Notes
-Turn order: Kevin (50) > Gorouna (35).

Round 1

Gorouna rolls her eyes at her opponent before hunching down, lower pair of arms tucked into her body while her upper ones get to work raising a translucent screen. She smirks at Kevin, knowing that she'll be safe from any harm behind the shield, but the Dratini has different plans. Seeing that the Graveler is protected, Kevin quickly swallows his apprehension and begins to showboat, albeit a little nervously, twisting and coiling to trace a circle around the balcony as a trail of glowing silver runes carves itself into the stone in his wake. Once he's closed the ring, he slithers into the center and begins to chant the words to an arcane hymn, his soft voice seeming to yield eerie echoes even in the open-air balcony, as the circle expands upwards into a glittering, bubblelike dome. When the Dratini reaches his song's climax with a dramatic crescendo, the barrier turns a dazzling silver, shimmering as if to show off its newfound opaqueness. Figuring the danger's passed, Gorouna lets down her own shield, admires her reflection in the newly-mirrorified dome, and flicks a stray twig off her head. Looking good.

After a solid minute has passed after the creation of Kevin's dome and nothing of note has happened, the audience below the battle starts to become agitated, the faux-whispered conversations reaching an all-time high (though that isn't saying much given it's the first action of the bout.) Some of the spectators glance at their watches in mock impatience and remark to their neighbors about how the wait surely means Kevin's new form, whatever it is, will be extremely stunning—no? Perhaps he will sprout wings, or transform into his Battle Mode (this line said with a slight chuckle.) Only time will tell—no? But when the dome shatters, its pieces flicker into nonexistence, and the newly energized Dratini emerges, he's visibly gained nothing but a few haphazard chunks of rough, craggy armor seemingly melded to his skin. Gorouna lifts her chin, unimpressed that he seems to be imitating her, while the audience lets out a collective sigh at the underwhelming reveal. Not aware of the state of events, Kevin flaunts his new coat, grinning, before realizing it hasn't met the most enthusiastic response and glaring down at his naysayers. That wasn't flashy enough for them? Well, he's gonna show them who's flashy. Here's a hint: It starts with "K", and ends with "-evin, who is the flashiest"! Haha!!

Rearing up into an aggressive S, the Dratini begins to gather energy from the air around him; as the dot on Kevin's forehead begins to glow light blue and an orb of the same color forms in his open mouth, the arena seems to grow noticeably cooler, and a chilly gust out of nowhere rustles the trainers' shirts and jackets. Busy polishing her ankles for maximum good-lookingness, Gorouna doesn't notice what's going on until it's nearly too late. She drops to one knee as quickly as she can, hands outstretched to guard against the (incredibly flashy) jets of pure ice her opponent sends her way, but each stabbing jolt of cold still pierces her rocky skin and makes her cry out in pain. Each hit is less intense than the last, however, and Kevin closes his eyes, straining to continue his assault, but soon his sphere runs out of power and dissipates into thin air.

Gorouna hisses a sigh and picks herself up, brushing some stray ice crystals off her body. Combating a twinge in her lower left hand, which was hit by a few of the more powerful beams, she sets to work making sure an attack like that won't happen again. She clenches all four of her fists and concentrates as a thin layer of shining metal gradually seeps out to cover her coat of Eviolotion. The Graveler taps it a few times to test its strength, smiling as it hardens and gleams flashily in response to her touch. Looking over at Kevin's relatively inadequate armoring, she smirks and waddles over, ready to teach the poser how you're supposed to do rocks. Encumbered by his coating, the Dratini cowers away, unsure of his opponent's objective, but Gorouna continues forward until she has him cornered.

Raising one fist dramatically, she gives a battle cry and smashes it down, releasing a burst of seismic energy as she does so. The ground starts to buckle and crack wildly, pebbles and bricks rising up as if the very earth wants to swallow them. Kevin looks frantically around for an escape route but can find none before Gorouna retreats and the chunks of earth bury him completely. Though his Eviolotion and armor protect him from the sharpest and heaviest bricks, Kevin's still trapped in a loose cage of rocks and rubble when the shaking stops, many of the more obvious cracks and weak points sealed with a heavy helping of dust. Glaring in the general direction he remembers Gorouna being in, he inhales unwittingly and immediately regrets it, coughing and writhing as he tries to get the offending material out of his throat. But when the Dratini recovers, he finds that his prison has been shaken a little, and he gives a hesitant smile. If that worked, then maybe…

Below them, the crowd is getting impatient again, and the murmur level rises with the stillness of Kevin's prison. Two actions of nothing happening this battle? Maybe they should go watch one of the more exciting ones, the average conversation goes—until, in a flurry of pebbles, the triumphant Dratini himself cleaves a line straight through the rocks and emerges from the wreckage and leaps forwards faster than the eye can follow to deal his opponent a stunning blow, tail gleaming white with a metal covering not unlike Gorouna's (poser, she thinks.) Sparks of energy fly as Kevin lashes out at the Graveler with his tail and she parries with her own steel-covered limbs. The Dratini's normally higher mobility is hampered by his heavy armor and breathing problems from the choking soot inside the rock, but Gorouna is a much larger target and Kevin can usually manage to slip away from her counterstrikes or put her on a collision course with the sharpest crags in his imitation boulder armor.

After a good minute of brawling, the Pokemon run out of energy and back away from each other, panting hard. Kevin's shining tail-sheath fades and Gorouna folds her arms, glaring at him, as the referee lowers her flags. Clearly pleased with the battle's direction, the audience is cheering wildly, the stamp-stamp-clapping Go-rou-na! camp keeping time with the faster-paced Kevin! Kevin! Gooooo, Kevin! issuing from the other side of the assembled crowd, but everyone is eager to see what the next round will bring them.

Superbird (Ooo)
Gorouna (f) <Sturdy> @ Eviolite
Status: 82% health / 91% energy / 173% total / 193% adjusted
Masteries: Own Worst Enemy 0, Elementalist 3 (Normal, Steel, Rock)
Currently: Wincing and scowling, eager to get Kevin back for his attacks. +2 Defense.
Used: Protect ~ Iron Defense ~ Rock Tomb

Byrus (Ooo)
Kevin (m) <Shed Skin> @ Eviolite
Status: 96% health / 87% energy / 183% total / 203% adjusted
Masteries: Own Worst Enemy 0, Elementalist 3 (Ghost, Ice, Steel)
Currently: Basking in the limelight. +1 Attack, +1 Defense, -2 Speed.
Used: Curse ~ Ice Beam ~ Iron Tail

Field Notes
-Turn order: Gorouna (35) > Kevin (20).
-The incomprehensible runes and concentric rings of Kevin's ritual are still discernible around his location, but in several parts of the circles the ground is cracked too heavily to make them out.
-There is a vaguely U-shaped pile of rubble facing Byrus's side of the arena.

Action Notes
-Like, what is Eviolite supposed to be? It's just this lavender blob, even the games call it "a mysterious evolutionary lump."
-I had to rearrange some of my formatting to fit everything, so let me know if something's not understandable. The adjusted score accounts for masteries and bolded is who's currently in the lead; I'll also bold the Mastery counters once they end up not being ties.
-According to Word of Eifie, only self-inflicted damage to health counts for the Own Worst Enemy mastery, so no one got anything there this round. The Elementalist counts should be pretty self-explanatory, I think.
-Kevin and Gorouna were tied for speed on the second and third actions. Kevin moved first on the second action, while Gorouna moved first on the third.
-Rock Tomb successfully trapped Kevin under a pile of rubble, but he was able to break through at the cost of some of Iron Tail's damage output.
-If you object to any calculations or my handling of anything, please let me know!

Gorouna: 100 - 11 (Ice Beam) - 7 (Iron Tail) = 82
100 - 2 (Protect) - 2 (Iron Defense) - 3 (Earthquake) = 91
Kevin: 100 - 4 (Rock Tomb) = 96
100 - 2 (Curse) - 5 (Ice Beam) - 6 (Iron Tail) = 87

Superbird commands next.
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