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Default Re: [15] Superbird vs Byrus (ref: Keldeo)

Ah, right, Curse. Okay, that makes sense then.

Gorouna, your opponent has yet to use a Water-type move. Before he does have that chance, use Sunny Day.

After that, we can slow down just a little and play a bit more reactively. As Kevin's Speed is a bit lower right now, we'll probably be able to outmaneuver him - with that in mind, here are your commands for action 2.

Close in on Kevin - we're gonna want to use a physical attack. Submission sounds nice, and whatever you do, make sure you hit something with that attack - if you miss Kevin, keep going and hit the floor or something - the tiny amount of recoil shouldn't take much of a toll on you, and we need it to win this. But as you're approaching for the attack, watch Kevin carefully. If he's using an attack, see if you can knock him out of it or mess with his aim so that he doesn't hit you with it - more specifically, see if you can knock his aim off if it's a Special attack, and see if you can knock him away from you before he can hit you if it's a Physical attack. In general, Special attacks will be more important to dodge, though. If Kevin looks wary enough to be about to Detect or Protect (the former is more likely, but if the latter you should be able to see it before you make impact with the shield, or else you'll hit him before he gets it off), just stop attacking and glare menacingly at him while using Curse (if it comes to this and it's possible, see if you can leech off the same energy your opponent used for the Curse last round, to make it easier on yourself), and get ready to attack on action 3.

Action 3 is going to go the same way as Action 2, except replace whichever of Submission and Curse you didn't use last action with Thunder Punch. That is, if you've already used Submission on action 2, try to do the same thing with a Thunder Punch, Cursing if your opponent protects, whereas if you didn't use Submission on action 2 place your priority on trying that again and switch to Thunder Punch if he protects again (in which case you have a chance to break through).

Sunny Day ~ Submission / Curse ~ Thunder Punch / Submission / Curse
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[00:31:16] @dingram: makiri an you make someone a driver real quick
[00:31:19] #makiri: why
[00:31:19] @dingram: just so they can say something
[00:31:21] @dingram: and demote them
[00:31:26] +Superbird: inb4 demotes dingram to driver
[00:31:26] @dingram: i want to see if my bot logs the message
[00:31:32] @dingram: no it cant be me
[00:31:45] #makiri: who am i drivering
[00:31:47] +AnotherDimension$$: Me
[00:31:49] @dingram: uh Superbird
[00:31:51] +Kirito11: me lol
[00:32:12] +Superbird: wait rly
[00:32:18] @dingram: i just chose a random active user
[00:32:23] @dingram: just say something
Superbird was promoted to Room Driver by makiri.
[00:32:24] @dingram: anything
[00:32:32] %Superbird: cool
[00:32:34] %Superbird: yay
[00:32:34] @dingram: ok done
[00:32:36] %Superbird: this feels awesome
[00:32:37] @dingram: ty makiri
[00:32:38] %Superbird: while it lasts
[00:32:41] +z2porygon: lol screen shot
[00:32:54] @dingram: you can demote now :3
[00:32:57] +AnotherDimension$$: Superbird
[00:32:59] +AnotherDimension$$: Warn me
Superbird was promoted to Room Voice by makiri.
[00:33:02] @dingram: just doing testing with bot
[00:33:05] +Superbird: well that was fun while it lasted
[00:33:12] @dingram: im glad you didnt like mute anyone
[00:33:13] @dingram: or anything
[00:33:16] +z2porygon: lol
[00:33:21] +Superbird: i shouldve though
[00:33:24] @dingram: no
[00:33:24] +Superbird: ill make a note for next time
[00:33:25] @dingram: ;-;
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