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Default Re: The "Fwee" Thread
Posting about my fictional crush makes me giggle and feel good. Even if other people roll their eyes over it xD

Halloween is coming up. I look forward to shopping for halloween candy on my own at whole foods this year xD Shall be fun ^_^ I plan on getting chocolate, fruit juice based candy, raisins, and macarons so far. *nod nod* Yes I know macarons are not really candy but who care's they've become my 'special occasions' treat xD

Its nice i'm not going for anything too unhealthy either. I eat enough sweets on regular days as it is anyways, so (trust me they are some of the easiest foods to buy when you are kinda on the poor side O.o; )...xD heh Gotta look out for myself at least a little :3
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