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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

Round Four

I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 70%
Energy: 74%
Status: Zzzzzz... Burned (1% dmg/action, 0.67 physical BP). Asleep (0% chance of waking up next action).

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish
Health: 91%
Energy: 70%
Status: Yawning boredly.


Once again, Blastoise closes its eyes and focuses, wisps of life energy leaking from its back cannons and coalescing into a smaller replica that lazily drifts about in the air in front of it. Boring. birth's seen this all before. It's even more dull than it was when she was awake. The Psyduck signals her disapproval with a loud, rattling snore, and the insubstantial Substitute is powerless to stop the disparaging sound from reaching its master's ears. Blastoise mutters to itself in annoyance, but focuses itself to concentrate again, and this time a light shower of mist sprays from the cannons on its back. Thin streams of water bend themselves into intersecting rings around Blastoise, sprinkling its skin with soothing refreshment.

Apparently this doesn't impress birth either. She continues to mumble in her sleep, tendrils of faint pink psychic energy curling around her words, growing in power as she starts to speak louder and louder. The energy surges toward Blastoise in a single wave, but this time the Substitute leaps in the way. The attack shreds away at its mistly limbs until there's barely any substance left, but still it hangs on. Enraged, Blastoise lets out a mighty roar, and torrents of water come spouting out of its back cannons, straight into the air. Wave after wave of water crashes down onto the sleeping Psyduck, seemingly never-ending as Blastoise pumps more and more of its will into the attack. The force of the attack pushes birth beneath the ocean's surface, weighing her down, and suddenly her eyes snap open and she begins to struggle. Limbs flailing madly, the Psyduck flails about in vain, until finally Blastoise pauses to take a breath and the flow of water stems. birth flounders her way up to the surface, spluttering and panting with exhaustion. What on earth happened while she was asleep...?

[edit like a week later: Also, birth uses Refresh. Now she's refreshed.]


I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 59%
Energy: 61%
Status: Vowing never to sleep again.
Used: Snore ~ Sleep Talk (Synchronoise) ~ Refresh

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish
Health: 75%
Energy: 55%
Status: Pleased with itself. Has a 3% Substitute. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action).
Used: Substitute (15%) ~ Aqua Ring ~ Water Spout

Arena Status
  • The rain is pouring down. A harsh wind howls through the arena.

Damage and Energy
  • birth's Health: 70% - 12% (Water Spout) + 3% (Rain Dish) - 2% (burn) = 59%
  • birth's Energy: 74% - 4% (Snore) - 1% (Sleep Talk) - 7% (Synchronoise) - 4% (Refresh) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 61%
  • Blastoise's Health: 91% - 15% (Substitute) - 5% (Snore) + 3% (Rain Dish) + 1% (Aqua Ring) = 75%
  • Blastoise's Substitute: 15% - 12% (Synchronoise) = 3%
  • Blastoise's Energy: 70% - 8% (Substitute) - 5% (Aqua Ring) - 5% (Water Spout) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 55%

  • Speed order: Blastoise (78) > birth (55).
  • Water Spout's BP was 109.5.
  • I liek Squirtles commands first.

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