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Default Re: The Power of Six

Freya sat, watching in awe as her sister Sabrina was battling a gym challenger.
"Alakazam! Psywave, now!" Sabrina shouted. It made the challenger's Growlithe faint.
"Great effort, but you need some more practice." she said to the challenger, who was a Jr. Trainer. "Try and find a fire stone for your Growlithe." As she said that, the Jr. Trainer nodded and went back to the start of the gym via the teleporters.
"That was great! You're amazing!" shouted Freya, as her Haunter, Garnet, nodded in agreement. Sabrina smiled at her sister and said, "I almost lost though, but i remembered to have faith in my pokemon and I'll emerge victorious! Now come, we should get some lunch. Bring Garnet with you." Sabrina smiled again. Freya motioned for her Haunter to follow her, and she politely obliged. She floated over to her and patted Sabrina's head. They both went on the teleporter and left the gym.
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